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By Danny Ashton Apr 17, 2015 Leave a Comment
Why You Need to Care about Visual Content

Do you remember when you had to wait 20 seconds to download an image from a website? I do, and it sucked big time.

The web before broadband was a major headache. If you wanted to share information with other users you had to keep the number of images to a minimum and rely mainly on text, which was much quicker to load.

Behold, the first website on the Internet.

Thankfully, Internet connections have improved dramatically, and now it’s normal to have over 10MB/s—even on mobile.

What Does This Mean for Marketing?

Pre-broadband, the…

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By Ritika Puri Apr 16, 2015 Leave a Comment
3 Types of Content that Product Marketers Need to Craft

As a product marketer, you have three responsibilities:

Connect your company’s value proposition to your customers Ensure that your customers are empowered Help your entire organization learn as much as possible from the communities you influence

It’s an exhilarating role that requires you to cultivate powerful, 1:1 relationships. By getting to know your customers, prospects, and stakeholders, you’ll create a feedback loop that helps your company grow. As your company scales, however, a new challenge will arise—you’ll have very little time and will need to rely on marketing automation to reach people 1:1.

Content is an integral…

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By Jordan Rothenberg Apr 15, 2015 Leave a Comment
Strategies Top Companies Use to Keep Personas Top of Mind

Have you ever tried forming a new habit? What about sticking with a New Year’s resolution? Achieving a lofty goal?

What you’ve probably experienced, or read about, is that writing down an affirmation of your new routine in a highly visible area of your life is one of the best ways to get a step closer to realizing said accomplishment. 

The same holds true when you’re telling your target audience about your product or service.

Chances are good that you’ve created a persona and have been getting to know the members of your audience since your business’ inception….

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By Katrina Pfannkuch Apr 14, 2015 Leave a Comment
The Psychological Reasons People Don’t Share Their Ideas

Social sharing is essential for building online communities and serves as a powerful collaboration tool for businesses and entrepreneurs. So why are people still so afraid to share ideas? What’s holding them back?

It’s how they think about sharing.

The psychology behind why people don’t share ideas is rooted in fear, a fear with a few different faces. Whether you are in a collaborative brainstorm session at work or hanging out with other entrepreneurs, there’s always that moment…to share or not to share a great idea.

Here are five psychological reasons behind unshared ideas.

1. Fear of Idea Pilfering…

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Marketing Technology Has Never Been More Important

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By Katrina Pfannkuch Apr 13, 2015 Leave a Comment
How to Take an Idea and Make it Real

Marketing runs on ideas. It’s fuel for the tank, inspiration for innovation. However, keeping the pump primed is only the first part of the process. Businesses need a simple, efficient way to take an idea and make it real.

Yet, most organizations continue to struggle with the “how” of marketing ideation, in other words, finding effective ways to implement a clear, simple, repeatable process to take an idea from a creative spark into reality. Turn-around time for taking an idea and making it real needs to be fast and on target to build and maintain customer interest and loyalty.

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By Jesse Noyes Apr 12, 2015 Leave a Comment
B2B Marketing Number of the Week: 61

CMO job security is something of a running joke in the marketing world. It’s taken as a given that most CMO tenure is short—so short that calling it “tenure” might be a bit of a stretch.

But good news is rolling in lately. The average CMO tenure is on the rise. Spencer Stuart, which does an annual report on the subject, found that CMOs stay on the job on average for 48 months, a jump over the 45 months counted in 2013. But if you’re a B2B marketer, the news is even better. Isolating the more B2B industries—the…

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By Anne Murphy Apr 10, 2015 1 comment
The 415 Guide to Marketo Summit

San Francisco. The 415. The City by the Bay. Birthplace of the Beat Generation. Hearth to the Hippies.

Home of Marketo Summit 2015.

Note: Please excuse the over-the-top adjectives I’m about to employ to describe San Francisco—I grew up there, still have a 415 area code on my phone, and am therefore biased.

If you’re a marketer heading to this golden, glorious city perched on the Pacific for Marketo Summit, you’re probably prepping for some serious marketing learning and mingling. And while you’re there, why not gather your colleagues, invite that client, or woo that prospect…

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By Amanda Farmer Apr 9, 2015 Leave a Comment
What’s the Difference between Lead Generation and Demand Generation?

“Someone asked me what you do for a living. I told them I didn’t know exactly, but something with advertising.”

Sigh. Your mom will never understand your job.

But in her defense, marketing has gotten pretty complicated in recent years. And if we marketers are willing to admit it, a lot of us might say even we don’t understand exactly what some of our teammates do.

If there is a role on the marketing team that mystifies people most, it’s probably demand generation and lead generation. Not only are these terms vague (compared to, say, “copywriter” or “graphic designer”),…

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Content Marketing for Business Services

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Download this comprehensive guide, and learn industry-specific strategies for planning, developing, and promoting content.

By Ritika Puri Apr 9, 2015 Leave a Comment
Why Content Is Essential for B2B Product Marketing

The B2B world is undergoing a significant paradigm shift in which customer support is becoming an increasingly important function. Whether you’re selling technology, data, or services, you need to make sure your customers have the resources they need to succeed—otherwise, they’ll churn.

Personalized service is a must in the B2B world. Companies are investing heavily in building top-notch relationship-management and “happiness” teams. The challenge, however, is that it’s impossible for firms to deliver personalized service to every single customer.

Fast-growing businesses need an efficient yet high-touch way to personalize experiences for customers. That’s where content enters the picture.

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By Jean Spencer Apr 8, 2015 Leave a Comment
First-Ever Research on B2B Marketing Ideation: Stats, Insights, Data

Today we’re releasing some very interesting new data on B2B marketing ideation.

Ideation is a key component of any marketing strategy. As our research points out:

99% of marketers say a steady stream of ideas is central to their success as marketers.

But how many marketing departments do you know with a solid process for managing ideas? My guess? Not many.

Often, coming up with new ideas for fresh campaigns is one of those tasks you—as a creative marketer—would love to spend more time on, but never seem to get the chance.

Maybe it’s time…

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