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By Jean Spencer Aug 27, 2014 Leave a Comment
“Sh*t! We Published a Typo!” — The Masters’ Disasters

There’s only one thing worse than missing a deadline. Missing a deadline and then finding a typo. 

If you’re in the business of content marketing, you know this feeling well. It’s the organic result of the pressures of production. Essentially, no matter how many times you look at a final piece, there’s always a chance that an important edit goes unnoticed, and—gulp—you accidentally publish it.

“Sh*t! We Published a Typo!” — The Masters’ Disasters by @jeanwrites

As part of our search for the best eBooks and the people creating them, we also compiled the best content marketing mishaps…

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By Shannon Byrne Aug 27, 2014 Leave a Comment
6 Ways to Create Community-Driven Content (Without Annoying Your Community)

Content and community should work together. Depending on your company’s size and resources, this may mean combining the two responsibilities into one role or integrating the two teams.

Breaking down barriers between community and content makes sense when you think about your marketing goals. They’re likely some combination of the following:

Increase brand awareness Build credibility and trust Recruit new customers and/or community members Add value for current customers and/or community members (retention and loyalty) Drive leads (and eventually sales) by demonstrating value (illustrate benefits and overcome objections) Increase engagement (comments, clicks, shares, views, etc.)

Your content is…

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By Jean Spencer Aug 26, 2014 Leave a Comment
7 Examples of the Best Marketing eBooks

Everyone starts out as a beginner.

Whether it’s golf, a new language, or content marketing.

But eventually—if you take time to learn, practice, and develop your skills—you become an expert. The Kapost Masters Series focuses on these experts, the people and secrets behind the best content marketing.

Today, meet the Masters of the eBook. These seven marketers understand what goes into an eBook that drives business, revenue, and reach. And they shared their tactical and strategic know-how with us. Download the eBook now.

It has resources and key examples, including the seven fundamental elements…

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By Jesse Noyes Aug 25, 2014 Leave a Comment
Why Your CMO Doesn’t Care About Content Marketing

“I wish I could get buy in for content here.”

If I had a nickel for every time I heard some variation of this sentence from a marketer…

Usually, this theme emerges from defeated marketers who insist they’ve made a case for content to their VP, CMO, or even a director of marketing to no avail. Their boss just doesn’t care about content, they reason.

Maybe. Maybe your CMO honestly doesn’t care about creating compelling content, about enticing and enthralling customers with a rewarding, valuable experience.

Or maybe you’re not selling it well.

In many cases, the reason we…

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Content Marketing for Business Services

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By Liz O'Neill Aug 25, 2014 Leave a Comment
How Primary Research Helps Scale Your Content Marketing Operation


Primary research is one of the best ways for marketers to scale their content operation globally.

Content marketing surrounding best practices and industry data is great to have in your arsenal, but it’s the primary research that drives the most interaction both from a PR and a demand generation perspective.

Take Salesforce ExactTarget Marketing Cloud, for example. In a recent Kapost webinar, Kyle Lacy of ExactTarget revealed how important primary research is to his team: “Primary research drives 10x more leads in pipe over all other content that we produce.”

Content marketers are constantly on…

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By Olsy Sorokina Aug 22, 2014 Leave a Comment
Listen up! 3 Ways to Integrate Social Listening into Your Content Marketing Strategy

Every content marketer is on the lookout for ways to expand and engage a target audience. While you’re probably aware that listening skills are a key concept in effective verbal communication, you may not know that the same rules apply for content marketing and social media. Some of your best content will be inspired by the interests and concerns of your customers. But how do you know if your social listening tactics are helping or hindering your content marketing strategy?

To help you start engaging your audience on their terms, here are three ways to integrate social listening into…

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By Jean Spencer Aug 21, 2014 Leave a Comment
How to Write for the Web

Writing is one of the most sought after skills in marketing. An excellent brand story is the difference between another consumer product and an iconic brand. It’s also the reason that buyers to make the decision they do, when researching, processing, and making decisions in the mobile workplace. But writing for the web differs from writing for print. Web writing needs to succinct, clear and strategic. Here are 11 tips that will make your good web writing great.

1. Write Everyday

To be good at anything, you need to practice. Sit down and write everyday,…

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By bricelyn.jones Aug 20, 2014 Leave a Comment
Thinking About Buying Marketing Software? Make Sure You Know Who Has Your Back.

When was the last time you made a big purchase? Maybe it was a house, electronic device, or a car. Whatever is was, you probably needed a little support—someone to help you understand your options, manage paperwork or give you peace of mind as you navigated a service agreement.

Major personal investments can be stressful. Major business investments can be even more stressful—especially when it comes to marketing technology.

You shouldn’t have to navigate the buying or implementation process alone. If you’ve identified a need, done your homework, and are ready to move forward with a purchase,…

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Marketing Technology Has Never Been More Important

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By Cameron Graham Aug 20, 2014 Leave a Comment
Why Technology Demands New Communication Strategies from Brands

Once upon a time, brands were the sole-source of information about their products. When consumers wanted to find out information about a service or tool, they turned towards the brand and their marketing material.

Times have changed.

The advent of the internet and social media—along with skyrocketing mobile device usage—means today’s customers are connected virtually 24/7. And they aren’t using their smartphones to look up products on brand websites. Instead, they’re more likely to turn towards social media, internet review sites, or product demos on YouTube (the world’s second largest search-engine, not-so-incidentally).

Why Technology Demands New Communication Strategies…

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By Jean Spencer Aug 19, 2014 Leave a Comment
Why LinkedIn Will Suck Up All Your Marketing Dollars—and Why You’ll Like It

For a time, marketers didn’t know how to spend their advertising budgets. Newspapers were graves, readers glazed over Internet sidebar ads, and business owners scratched their heads as they tried a smattering of new online marketing tactics—none of which seemed to work. That time has passed.

Ladies and gentlemen, the future advertising breadwinner is not The New York Times (duh). It’s LinkedIn and content marketing.

Of course, content marketers know that the days of advertising in newsprint are over, but it’s interesting to note the measurable shift in how marketing budgets are allocated.

Last month, LinkedIn’s 2014…

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