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By Anne Murphy May 28, 2015 Leave a Comment
[INFOGRAPHIC] Your Marketing Team’s $958 Million Problem

We’re always trying to be more efficient.

We download the newest time-saving app, read the latest articles on budgeting for both necessities or nice-to-haves, and prioritize our days based on the things we value the most.

But in marketing—particularly in producing and managing content—we fail to be efficient with both our time and resources. And it’s costing us.

Check out the infographic below to see just how much these inefficiencies are costing marketing teams, and download the full report to learn what the most efficient marketers do to curb the content chaos.

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By Katrina Pfannkuch May 27, 2015 Leave a Comment
The Distrust of “Big Food” and Lessons for Improving Your Brand’s Image

It’s no secret that there’s a growing distrust of “big food” among consumers. Large food companies with legacy-brand status are finding themselves at an interesting intersection of changing perceptions about health and food safety, and the updated federal regulations that are redefining the industry.

Even the CEO of Campbell Soup, Denise Morrison, agrees that “distrust of ‘big food’ is a growing problem,” and the company is currently moving into cost-cutting mode to offset sagging profits.

There is a way to regain lost ground and rebuild trust with customers or businesses that partner with your legacy brand, however. It…

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By Jean Spencer May 26, 2015 Leave a Comment
[Customer Spotlight] LinkedIn’s Jason Miller Presents at SiriusDecisions in a Kapost Case Study Session. Here’s What You Missed.

Jason Miller, in charge of leading Global Content Marketing for LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, is one of the foremost experts in content marketing. Among other accolades, Miller is recognized as:

One of “The World’s Top 40 Social Marketing Talent,” by Forbes One of the “Top 40 Digital Marketing Strategists for 2014,” by Online Marketing Institute And he’s the author of the Amazon #1 best selling book Welcome to the Funnel

In short, Miller is as distinguished as they come.

In recent session at SiriusDecisions Summit 2015, Miller described how Kapost is at the center of LinkedIn’s…

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By Tara M. Clapper May 26, 2015 Leave a Comment
5 Key Tips for Managing a Growing Blog

Blogging is all about persistence, and if you keep at it, you’ll eventually experience growth. If you provide valuable insights on an industry, product, or any other relatable aspect of life, you’ll probably notice some growth over time.

But as your blog and related correspondence starts to demand more of your time, how do you decide when to expand, and how do you cope with the growth?

1. Know When It’s Time to Change

You’ll know when it’s time to change your blog—or how you manage it—by remaining perceptive. If you feel overly stressed out by the workload,…

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Why You Need to Commit to Buyer-Centric Content

Learn more

This workbook explains how you can deliver the right content to the right people at the right time.

By Katrina Pfannkuch May 22, 2015 Leave a Comment
3 Lessons from Insanely Efficient People

“$0.25 of every dollar spent on content marketing in the average mid-to-large B2B firm is wasted on inefficient content operations.” —The $958M Marketing Problem

Making the most of each day takes imagination, focus, and a set of efficient habits. If you work in marketing, you also juggle various processes to keep the content life cycle tight, timely, and engaging.

Content creation continues to skyrocket, which means marketing efficiency is at a critical tipping point. But is it paying off?

With content operations a top challenge for so many businesses, it makes sense to shift focus to building teams…

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By Katrina Pfannkuch May 21, 2015 Leave a Comment
5 Easy Tweaks to Increase Your Productivity and Tune Up Efficiency

Increasing productivity doesn’t require huge changes. There are small, simple things you can incorporate into your regular routine to give it a bit of extra “oomph” and help the day run more like a Porsche than an outdated station wagon.

To kickstart positive progress, begin with a quick self-evaluation.

Do you often work later and longer than you want to? Is your attention always divided? Do you feel drained at the end of the day, with little or no progress to show for it? Are you and your team consistently scrambling when deadlines come due?

Getting a clear…

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By Katrina Pfannkuch May 20, 2015 Leave a Comment
4 Ways to Kickstart Content Ideation with Your Team

Content ideation is not only the backbone of your marketing; it’s essential for building a living, breathing brand that keeps pace with customer preferences. It’s also one of the most challenging things for businesses to do regularly—especially now that social media has ramped up the amount of daily content required to stay competitive.

More than nine out of ten marketers say that a constant, steady stream of ideas is crucial to effective content marketing. And when you break down the stats for B2B marketing specifically, B2B marketers need 67 ideas per quarter to be successful.

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By Ryan Law May 19, 2015 Leave a Comment
6 Common Buyer Persona Mistakes to Avoid

A great buyer persona can transform your marketing and enable you to generate a ton of interested, qualified leads. While a growing number of B2B businesses are sold on the concept of buyer persona development, many struggle to see a return on their personas, and fail to improve lead generation and customer acquisition.

Chances are, these businesses are repeating some of the common buyer persona mistakes below. While these mistakes can seriously limit your marketing efforts, thankfully, none of them are too hard to overcome.

Here are six common buyer persona mistakes to avoid.

1. Profiling Ideal…

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Become a SlideShare Master

Learn more

Here’s a step-by-step look at how we created our most successful SlideShare presentation—ever.

By Anne Murphy May 19, 2015 Leave a Comment
Need Content Ideas? Ask These 5 Questions.

Most marketers understand how important content is to their marketing efforts. In fact, 99% of marketers say that a steady stream of ideas is central to their success.

But a recent Kapost survey revealed that only half of marketers feel like they have enough ideas to fuel their marketing content. Lack of visibility, process, and time were the major reasons behind anemic idea generation.

Sourcing ideas from within your company is a great way to establish a steady drumbeat of content throughout the quarter and the year to come. Below are five questions to get you pointed…

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By Jean Spencer May 18, 2015 Leave a Comment
Hach Sees 900% Increase in Marketo Email Production with Kapost

Hach Case Study at a Glance Original Challenges  Manually tracking performance metrics was time-intensive and cumbersome  Too much time managing technology, and not enough time for production No ability to scale the quantity of global emails sent Results with Kapost  9X lift in email production 93% on-time delivery rate 1/2 the time spent on metrics and analytics tracking The Complete Story

Kapost’s Marketo integration made it possible for Hach’s marketing team to increase annual email production by roughly 900%.

As a global manufacturer and distributer of innovative solutions for monitoring water quality in a variety of industries, Hach needed a technology…

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