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“Kapost Provides the Strongest Content Marketing Platform Offering for B2B Marketers” Says Independent Research Firm

Content: The Last Untamed Frontier in Marketing

Content is what marketing does. In every role—from content marketers to field and product marketers—everyone creates it. But does it work? Is any of it aligned? Most companies have a glut of content, but most of that content creates a disjointed buyer experience, and makes your company look like no one is talking to one other.

This problem is becoming a major issue for CMOs because content impact is one of the last “black boxes” in marketing. While everyone touches or creates content, there are few true insights into what works. When things…

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By Katrina Pfannkuch Jun 30, 2015 Leave a Comment
The Most Important Stages in B2B Sales and Marketing

“Fifty percent of B2B sales staff consistently miss their quotas. By the time prospects do come out of the shadows to engage a sales rep, 80% of the traditional purchasing cycle has already been completed.” —Forbes

Getting—and keeping—the attention of a target audience is much easier with a simple, organized way to engage them at key steps in your sales and B2B marketing funnel. Yet many businesses aren’t sure how to mesh sales and marketing into a seamless process.

From prospecting to closing a sale, it’s important to lead customers to the next logical step in the…

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By Laura E. Peterson Jun 29, 2015 Leave a Comment
The Power and Promise of a Microcontent Strategy

In the not too distant past, companies used a push or traditional strategy to engage buyers at the top of the funnel—and some industries still do. We’re talking print, TV, radio, direct mail, display ads, and the good old fashioned phone call.

And while these marketing components are still useful parts of the mix, they are expensive and can’t deliver the tracked analytics the C-suite now expects from marketers, which we need in order to legitimize our marketing spend.

Plus, our audiences’ needs have radically changed in the past decade. Today’s buyers are online, engaged, empowered, and

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How to Pump Up Efficiency When Collaborating with Diverse Personalities

If each person were exactly the same, life would be pretty boring. Individual differences can be the biggest cause of team friction and delays, however, costing time and money and disrupting the content development cycle.

To craft a high level of overall team efficiency, it helps to have a good sense of who you’re working with, and what their natural collaboration styles are.

You can get really technical about how to identify certain personality types in the workplace, but the most important designation is actually how people see themselves.

According to psychologist Albert Bandura, author of Self-Efficacy:…

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B2B Purchase Decisions: Logic Driven by Emotion

When considering the differences between B2B and B2C marketing, it’s often said that a B2C purchase decision is more emotional, while a B2B purchase decision is logical.

I disagree. 

If you look into the behind-the-scenes processes throughout the continuum of the buying process, you’ll find a lot of emotion underlying the logic in B2B purchase decisions.

The most obvious reason why this is true is that B2B buyers are people. They’re just people spending their company’s money—rather than their own—to achieve a business goal. Spending company funds comes with a lot of expectations and pressure. Depending on the…

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By Ritika Puri Jun 24, 2015 Leave a Comment
A Guide for Your Next Product Marketing Launch

A strong product launch strategy is built on education. In addition to bringing a new offering the market, your brand needs to operate as a guide—especially if you’re introducing a new concept.

Your audiences might feel overwhelmed, lost, or unsure of how to get started. That’s where content comes in.

Through blog posts, infographics, customer stories, guides, and other assets, you can position your organization to have stronger customer conversation. The sheer volume of options, however, can be overwhelming.

How do you know whether you’re focusing on the right initiative at the right time? Use…

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How to Write Case Studies for Maximum Impact

One of the most powerful ways to showcase your business’ value is through a case study. Case studies declare to the world that your product works, and proves how effective it can be in helping customers solve problems.

A case study will build social proof far better than any other content format, and it has the potential to do more to increase conversion rates than you probably thought possible.

By demonstrating to potential customers exactly how your business is able to satisfy their needs, case studies kick off the sales process. Far more specific than your average testimonial,…

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By Ritika Puri Jun 22, 2015 Leave a Comment
3 Barriers That Hold Product Marketing Back

It’s an understatement to say the business world is full of noise: lackluster products, confusing value propositions, information overload. It’s this crowded landscape that can sometimes keep new ventures from shining.

Whether you’re part of a start-up or established organization, the process of forging connections with your customers can be challenging. Remember, however, that you’re not alone. As Kapost’s The Blueprint of Product Launch Marketing puts it:

Most B2B product marketers are struggling to make a splash.

 More than 95% of new products launched by established companies each year fail, according to an AcuPoll study.

Here’s how…

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How to Tailor Microcontent to Different Audiences

Marketers love microcontent because it magically lifts the ongoing burden we feel to churn out bigger collateral assets like eBooks, whitepapers, and case studies. Don’t get me wrong: these assets are vital in the marketing mix. But we all know the time and energy it takes to produce approved versions of these heavy hitters.

What Is Microcontent?

Microcontent, as opposed to larger assets like whitepapers, is any kind of bite-sized visual content that can be shared on your proprietary channels such as social accounts, blogs, or newsletters.

When you think of microcontent, think of things like…

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By Katrina Pfannkuch Jun 18, 2015 Leave a Comment
7 Easy Ways to Ditch Burnout and Amplify Productivity

“The biggest myth about productivity is that it’s a measure of how much you get done.” —Joelle Steiniger

Balancing productivity with self-care is a bit of an art form. The brain wants to jump in and tackle things in order to feel accomplished, while the body needs rest, nourishment, and time to rejuvenate in order to produce quality work.

When marketers—or anyone, really—push themselves too hard, errors are more common, efficiency plummets, and you struggle to come up with innovative ideas.

It’s not a new problem, but it is an increasingly complex one as mobile devices and online…

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