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By Jean Spencer Jan 26, 2015 Leave a Comment
[Customer Spotlight] How Workiva Boosted KPIs with Content Marketing in 6 Months

Too often, we hear that marketers looking to establish content marketing into their process get caught up in developing a full-blown strategy before they invest in a technology or tool to mechanize their efforts.

The problem with this is that we spend time and resources on strategy development, only to have that strategy be immediately edited, amended, or rewritten due to the limitations of the chosen technology or platform.

Smarter marketers bake technology into their strategy from the onset.

That’s what Erin Wall and the marketing team at Workiva did.

Workiva created Wdesk, a cloud-based platform…

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By Anne Murphy Jan 26, 2015 Leave a Comment
[CHEAT SHEET] 11 Content Principles Every Marketer Needs to Memorize

I recently re-read William Strunk, Jr. and E.B. White’s must-keep-close-by-at-all-times guide, The Elements of Style. The experience left me—and I think, will leave you—with two main thoughts:

Wow, I need to remember this stuff. Wow, this book has a lot of personality.

These takeaways may not seem profound.

But my reaction is the same one that we, as marketers, strive to elicit from our readers, prospects, and customers. This little book simultaneously educates and entertains. It’s clear, concise, and packed with personality.

As E.B. White notes in the introduction, written for the 1979 edition of the book:

“Will Strunk loved…

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By Jesse Noyes Jan 25, 2015 Leave a Comment
The B2B Marketing Number of the Week: 138%

If it were a pie chart, there wouldn’t be any pie left.

138%: that’s the total cost of sales and marketing when calculated as a percentage of revenue revealed in the highly anticipated stock offering from Box Inc. on Friday. For perspective, the high-profile tech company pulled in about $124.2 million in revenue in its past fiscal year. At the same time, it spent just north of $171 million on sales and marketing expenses.

That might seem like a lot of money. But it’s not uncommon for companies, particularly in tech, to grow the company aggressively and…

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By Todd Cameron Jan 25, 2015 Leave a Comment
How to Rock Persona Development

I don’t know about you, but every time I think about buyer personas, The Who come to mind…naturally.

Personas are such an important foundational element to building a content strategy—particularly in enterprise companies—yet so many companies haven’t addressed them or only use basic demographic data. How can you create compelling, relevant content if you’re still asking, “Who are you? Who, who, who, who?”

Let’s Look at Some Data

Per the Content Marketing Institute, 93% of B2B marketers have adopted content marketing practice. Yet Sirius Decisions (SD) notes that only 23% have adopted a persona-centric focus. Additionally, SD…

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Marketing Technology Has Never Been More Important

Learn more

Learn about the 5 essential marketing technologies, and how content marketing software fits into the mix.

By Amanda Farmer Jan 24, 2015 Leave a Comment
What Is a Microblog?

If this is your first time hearing the word “microblog,” I know exactly what you’re thinking.

Common misconception.

But here’s the actual definition, according to Kapost:

Microblogs are shorter form blogs, which allow users to exchange small elements of content such as single sentences, individual images, or video links.

Now, the term “microblog” might not get thrown around in everyday conversation, but chances are you’ve used a microblog today. In fact, most popular social media sites are considered microblogs, since they offer people the opportunity to share short messages and links.

Like consumers, companies have found some inventive…

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By Anne Murphy Jan 23, 2015 1 comment
7 Cheat Sheets Every Content Creator and Editor Should Bookmark

The “cheat sheet.”

This type of content—when well-crafted—makes your job easier, your day more manageable, and your brow less furrowed.

As a content creator, the managing editor of the Content Marketeer, and a digital marketer, these cheat sheets serve as invaluable references for optimizing content and polishing your copy. Taken from my own bookmarks, they’re not all fancy—but they get the job done.

Social Media Image Guide

You’re going to find a lot of guides/infographics/posts on this topic. But Sprout Social’s sticks out because they regularly update their information. This blog post will remain relevant even…

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By Patrick Armitage Jan 23, 2015 Leave a Comment
Why Are So Many Blog Post Headlines Framed as Questions?

The purpose of a blog post headline is to convince readers to click on the link, or to scroll down and continue reading the post. A good title grabs attention and compels your target audience to check out what you have to say.

There’s more than one way to write a great title, and it’s good to mix things up. Your headline might address a need your potential customers face, stir up controversy, or use humor to capture people’s attention.

Or…you can ask a question.

What is it about a question that entices someone to click…

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By Amanda Farmer Jan 22, 2015 Leave a Comment
The Content Audit: What Horrors Await?

Ask someone to perform a content audit, and it sounds pretty straightforward. Sit down to actually perform a content audit, and you’ll find yourself in a circle of hell that Dante dared not speak of.

I exaggerate. But barely.

You’ll be challenged by a number of beasts during your journey through Content Audit Hell, which always begins in the Valley of Inventory. The first beast you’ll meet, fittingly, has no specific name. We’ll call him “Ambiguity.”

This beast exists merely to waylay your content inventory by posing questions with answers such as, “It depends.” He reminds…

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Why You Need to Commit to Buyer-Centric Content

Learn more

This workbook explains how you can deliver the right content to the right people at the right time.

By Katrina Pfannkuch Jan 21, 2015 Leave a Comment
10 Must-Read Quotes from Today’s Marketing Experts

Not only are marketing experts full of knowledge, but they have a wonderful way with words. Here are some great quotes from industry leaders that simplify big ideas, point to the future of marketing, and inspire us to implement more effective strategies.

“Innovation should be massively disruptive now—today.” Kirk Perry | President of Global Client and Agency Solutions at Google Tweet This!

Innovation is fueled by a bigger vision just beyond the horizon, and it starts by pushing for more than you have right now. Even if it sounds impossible, great ideas will simply stay ideas without action. Unless you…

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By Liz O'Neill Dennison Jan 21, 2015 Leave a Comment
3 Things to Look for When Investing in Marketing Technology

The marketing technology landscape is overwhelming.

There are more than 1,870 vendors in the space, specializing in 43 different channel categories, including CMS, email, social, and marketing automation.


Where is a marketer even supposed to begin? Here are three things to look for when investing in marketing technology.

1. Integrations


Chances are, you already use a number of different applications and systems to manage your marketing. These systems may include social channels, email platforms, and analytics systems.

But as the number of different systems you use grows, valuable insights risk getting locked inside…

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