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By Anne Murphy Jan 31, 2015 Leave a Comment
Creating Valuable Content Is the Biggest Roadblock to Growing Email Lists [NEW DATA]

There’s one tune marketers can’t stop singing—and it’s not exactly upbeat.

Time and time again, studies show that the inability to produce valuable and engaging content hinders marketing teams, stunting success across channels like social media, blogs, search and SEO, sales enablement, and marketing automation.

And, as new data from Ascend2 echoes, creating valuable and relevant content is the biggest obstacle to growing email lists.

Ascend2’s survey respondents—mostly B2B marketers—report as the most effective tactics for growing lists: gating website access (43%) and content downloads (42%).

As many marketing experts have pointed out,…

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By Jesse Noyes Jan 30, 2015 Leave a Comment
Finding Your Industry’s Super Bowl

Every year, without fail, the marketing world gears up for the annual smorgasbord that is the Super Bowl. Ostensibly, the event is about football, competition, the gridiron. But we all know what marketers tune in for—the ads.

It’s the biggest ad day of the year with major brands shelling out millions for 30 seconds—or even a whole minute!—of awareness. There’s been plenty of missives written about the actual value of these ads. (Joe Pulizzi provides a nice list of alternatives for all that dough.) But what I see happen, particularly in B2B marketing, is Super Bowl ad…

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By Jeff Rummer Jan 30, 2015 Leave a Comment
Chainsaws, Christmas Trees and…Content Management?

Hopefully by now your Christmas tree is down and the lights on your house are at least unplugged. It is, after all, almost February. But before we move further into a brave new year, let’s take a quick lesson on content marketing from that iconic holiday symbol—the Christmas tree.

Christmas trees tend to be polarizing symbols for the holiday season and everyone has their preferences.

Five years ago, my wife and I flip-flopped and went from being a real tree family to a fake tree family. Why? Simple. Fake trees are so much easier to manage.  Unfortunately, content marketers don’t…

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By Anne Murphy Jan 30, 2015 Leave a Comment
3 Easy Ways to Market Your Content Internally

Creating content for your company is one thing. Getting your company to care about the content you create is another thing entirely.

Often, marketers spend so much time figuring out how to plan, develop, edit, publish and promote their content, they forget one of the most important factors for a successful content marketing framework: internal support.

“Many marketing teams are creating great content, but they don’t have a good way to have internal stakeholders leverage and use it,” says Grace Boyle, Director of Customer Success at Kapost.

Why Does This Matter?

For a few reasons, actually.


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Hiring People for Your Content Team?

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By Amanda Farmer Jan 29, 2015 Leave a Comment
The Definition of Content Production

Because the vast majority of any content marketing program relates to research, strategy, and analysis, some might call content production the “fun” part.

It is, after all, the point in the process when your uptight, left-brained strategists finally unleash a horde of neurotic, right-brained creatives to turn your plan into reality. (Sometimes the same person is responsible for both strategy and production—take it from me, you don’t want to hear the conversations going on in that head.)

In more defined terms:

Content production is the process of developing and creating visual or written assets, such as videos, eBooks, blog…

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By Katrina Pfannkuch Jan 28, 2015 Leave a Comment
10 Stats on How Top Businesses Execute Content Strategy

Do you or your marketing team have a content strategy that’s executed consistently? Or do you “wing it,” by putting out content only when you have a new release or special promotion coming up?

Both approaches can work, but the former gets better results.

To maximize the impact of your content strategy, you need clarity on what key marketing channels you have, what people will create engaging content that resonates with customers, and how to deliver your messaging in the best way.

Here are 10 stats on how to develop and execute a content strategy to spice…

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By Liz O'Neill Dennison Jan 28, 2015 Leave a Comment
[Template] How to Generate 27 Blog Post Ideas in 27 Seconds

The value of blogging is undisputed in the marketing world.

Brands that create 15 blog posts per month average 1,200 new leads per month.

But the reality is, most brands don’t create 15 blog posts per month. While 77% of businesses have a blog, 85% of those have five or fewer posts.

If you fall in this blog post anemic group, fear not. Coming up with blog ideas isn’t as hard as you might think. Below is a template for generating 27 blog ideas in 27 seconds. It relies on three common…

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By Liz O'Neill Dennison Jan 27, 2015 Leave a Comment
5 Free and Responsive Email Templates

Email is perhaps the most effective channel marketers have in their arsenal to engage and convert their target audiences.

Consumers who are marketed to through email spend 138% more than those who don’t receive email offers. But not all marketing emails are created equal. Users are bombarded with hundreds of emails a day.

Consumers who are marketed to through email spend 138% more than those who don’t receive email offers

21% of email recipients report email as spam, even if they know it isn’t.To be effective, your email must stand out from the crowd. Here…

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Content Chaos Is Damaging Your Business

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By Katrina Pfannkuch Jan 27, 2015 Leave a Comment
3 Ways to Turn an Enterprise Content Strategy into Results

Buyer habits evolve as fast as the technology they use to conduct research and make a purchase. To keep up, your company’s content strategy needs to be consistent, clear, and engaging across all marketing channels.

Infusing a consistent voice into your marketing channels creates the singular brand experience customers crave, which is why creating an integrated content marketing framework within your enterprise is key.

To get the attention of customers quickly and easily online, start with these 3 ways to turn your content strategy into results.

1. Establish a “Content Board” Comprised of Key Internal Stakeholders

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By Jean Spencer Jan 26, 2015 Leave a Comment
[Customer Spotlight] How Workiva Boosted KPIs with Content Marketing in 6 Months

Too often, we hear that marketers looking to establish content marketing into their process get caught up in developing a full-blown strategy before they invest in a technology or tool to mechanize their efforts.

The problem with this is that we spend time and resources on strategy development, only to have that strategy be immediately edited, amended, or rewritten due to the limitations of the chosen technology or platform.

Smarter marketers bake technology into their strategy from the onset.

That’s what Erin Wall and the marketing team at Workiva did.

Workiva created Wdesk, a cloud-based platform…

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