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By Jean Spencer Oct 30, 2014 Leave a Comment
The Must-Read Marketing Books of 2014

Sign in to Audible or scan Amazon, and you’ll discover a daunting number of business-related books.

Just today, on the elliptical machine during a pre-work workout, I decided to peer into the vats of Audible for good marketing and branding books. I was inundated with titles, starts, suggestions, and hullabaloo.

In today’s content culture, marketers need to curb the crap.

As such, I divvied down the best marketing books of 2014, to bring you the best shortlist around. Click on the image of the book to be directed to its Amazon page to order…

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By Liz O'Neill Oct 29, 2014 Leave a Comment
7 Secrets to Creating Highly Engaging Content

The marketing industry has a content problem. The more marketers embrace content creation, the more they struggle with it: 86% say they use content marketing today, but only 38% say they’re effective. That’s four percentage points down from last year—not a trend we like to see.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. There are easy-to-implement practices that will help you create highly engaging content that propels buyers toward purchase. Below, we break down the top seven.

1. Focus on the “Why,” Not the “How”

When marketers focus all their energy on churning out content rather than…

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By Jesse Noyes Oct 29, 2014 Leave a Comment
How We Figured out What Content Our Buyers Really Want

The meeting had an air of desperation. The management team decided we needed to broaden our reach among enterprise marketers. And the task of targeting them fell to our own marketing team.

The three marketing directors huddled in one of the tiny conference rooms to figure out what to do next.

“So I know we want to go after the enterprise, but do we know where they are?” I asked.

A silent shrug permeated the room.

“And do we know which topics are going to work for them?” I said. “I’m not sure how to make the…

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By Jean Spencer Oct 28, 2014 Leave a Comment
The Content Preferences of B2B Marketers [New Research & Infographic]

There are at least 947 marketing technology companies in a race toward being a part of the complete “Marketing Cloud.”

It’s a race worth winning. Forbes—as well as many others—has plainly pointed out Chief Marketing Officers will outspend Chief Technology Officers on technology within the next few years.

As a result, marketing to marketers has become an increasingly important dance. As Drew Neisser writes in The Fine Art of Marketing to Marketers: 

“When it comes to marketing to marketers, the old adage ‘don’t blow smoke at smoke blowers’ certainly applies. Marketers as a whole are even more…

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Content Chaos Is Damaging Your Business

Learn more

Only 32% of marketers say they’re effectively executing enough content. Download this report from Aberdeen to find out how best-in-class companies overcome content chaos.

By Liz O'Neill Oct 27, 2014 Leave a Comment
The Go-To Blog Post Template [Free Download]

Blogging is one of the most effective channels marketers have to drive traffic, engage target audiences, and drive leads.

B2B marketers who use blogs generate 67% more leads than those who do not (tweet this). And companies publishing at least 15 blog posts per month get 5X more traffic than those that don’t blog at all (tweet this).

But most marketers struggle to do it regularly. That’s why we created this free blog post template. It Includes a simple formula for writing concise, engaging, and effective blog posts.

We’ve highlighted the…

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By Lisa Kasanicky Oct 27, 2014 Leave a Comment
R.I.P. Blog: What Went Terribly, Horribly Wrong [Infographic]

It’s a tale told too often. What starts as a brightly burning flame awash in good intentions is snuffed out in an untimely blip. The life of a corporate blog is precarious, fraught with obstacles, and often ends before its prime.

The enterprise blog is the backbone of your website and content marketing efforts. Your blog is the content destination of your brand voice and holds the power to generate leads and create true and lasting relationships with your audience. Yet, the sad truth is that 77% of all businesses have a blog and only…

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By Todd Cameron Oct 24, 2014 Leave a Comment
I’m Sorry Content, I’m Just Not That into You

It’s not you, it’s me. To be honest, I love the idea of you, but I’m just not ready to commit to a long-term relationship. I hope you understand. Oh, and if anybody asks, I hope it’s cool if I tell them that we’re still involved—I don’t want to be singled out.

Sound familiar? Do you have commitment issues? It’s okay. I get it; you’re scared. Change is hard, like really hard.

And let’s be honest, product-focused marketing is comfortable.

After all, who knows more about our products than us? We’re the experts, we created them…

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By Andrew J. Coate Oct 23, 2014 Leave a Comment
The Ultimate Guide to a Content-Focused Social Media Strategy (Part 1)

Social media can be a dizzying and mystifying experience for businesses large and small. Social media strategies must be restructured often for brands to remain engaging and effective. This means living in a state of constant renewal, which seems like a daunting task.

But it doesn’t have to be. With the right structure in place, it can actually become a sustainable practice.

This two-part guide will walk through major areas of focus for social media teams, how to set up those areas for success, and how to remain flexible and adaptable within a structured operation.

Written by Kapost’s Senior…

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Become a SlideShare Master

Learn more

Here’s a step-by-step look at how we created our most successful SlideShare presentation—ever.

By Liz O'Neill Oct 23, 2014 Leave a Comment
The Science of Storytelling [Infographic]

Great marketing is all about mastering the art of persuasion. You might think the best way to convince a buyer is through logical argument, with facts and hard numbers to back up your claims, but studies prove otherwise.

Stories that evoke emotions are much more effective at compelling your audience to take action—whether through social media engagement, an asset download, or a purchase. Below, we explore the science behind why.


Fast Company  Ohio State University LifeHacker.com

Stories aren’t a waste of time. They’re good for business….

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By Anne Murphy Oct 22, 2014 Leave a Comment
Everything You Need to Know About Bottom-of-Funnel Content in Under 500 Words

You’ve mastered top-of-funnel and middle-of-the-funnel content which engaged and informed your prospects. The next step is to convert them to customers.

This blog post covers:

Everything You Need to Know About Bottom-of-Funnel Content in Under 500 Words

What “bottom-of-funnel” content means The most important goals and objectives The key aspects that make content effective at this stage Examples of brilliant bottom-of-the-funnel content 1. What Is Bottom-of-the-Funnel Content?

When marketers talk about bottom-of-the-funnel content, they’re talking about assets that help persuade a prospect to purchase from your company. This content is often used by your sales team. Generally, these materials…

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