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By Liz O'Neill Apr 16, 2014 Leave a Comment
How to Create a Content Marketing Workflow

In the content marketing industry, we spend a lot of time thinking about strategy—that very important phase in our content planning process where we figure out what content we need to create, why we need to create it, and who we’re creating it for.

But having a solid content strategy in place isn’t enough. Marketers must develop a workflow that outlines exactly how that well-planned content will be produced and published.

When it comes to content marketing workflows, there’s no one-size-fits-all model.

Instead, workflows are heavily influenced by your organization’s unique team structure, internal approval process, and the tools and…

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By Jean Spencer Apr 15, 2014 Leave a Comment
Content Analytics for the Revenue Marketer

You may have heard the term “revenue marketer,” but do you really know what it means?

The term “revenue marketer” was coined by The Pedowitz Group in 2010 to describe a modern B2B marketer who is held responsible for revenue and the top of the sales funnel.

A revenue marketer is different from a brand marketer. While both marketers aim to increase brand sentiment, brand awareness, and the number of customers who purchase a product, only the revenue marketer is accountable for actual growth in sales or revenue of a business.

“The role of the new CMO has changed,” said Lee…

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By Andrew J. Coate Apr 14, 2014 Leave a Comment
10 Essential Content Marketing Lessons for Modern Marketers

I fell into marketing quite by accident. I was going to be a tour manager, watching over band members and tweeting pics of performances.

Instead, now I’m watching over brand mentions and tweeting pics of sad puppies.

While the skills I honed in the music industry translated fluidly into marketing, I still had a lot to learn.

As recent research from the Content Marketing Hiring Handbook shows, marketing hiring managers are looking beyond candidates with marketing and PR degrees for content marketing positions. While these graduates and aspiring professionals may have translatable skills such as…

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How to Get a Job in Content Marketing: An Interview with LinkedIn’s Jason Miller

If you’re looking for a job in content marketing, the time is ripe.

Content marketing is the top hiring priority for marketing departments, beating out social media, design, lead generation, and executive staff. And new research shows that 78% of surveyed companies are looking to hire 1-3 content team members in the next year.

For our recent hiring handbook, we interviewed Jason Miller, global content marketing lead for LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, to find out what makes quality candidates stand out.

Miller provided some actionable advice for aspiring content marketers, which are too great not to share. Below…

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How a $1.6B Company Is Building Their Content Marketing Machine

We interviewed Jonathan Singer of Akamai twice. Once in January 2014 and once in March 2014.

The goal of these interviews was to understand the real processes that large companies go through when pulling together a content team—for the first time.

In our first interview, Singer had zero people on his content team at Akamai—a $1.6B company specializing in Internet technologies. He also lacked marketing automation software, and an organizational foundation for a “content department.”

But in two short months, Singer had made a major dent in the content department overhaul. He had an eBook in review,

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By Garrett Mann Apr 11, 2014 Leave a Comment
Why (and What) You’re Selling with Content Marketing

Let me start by stating that I’m a content marketer. I was also a philosophy major, so bear with me as I dig a little deeper on content marketing.

Content marketing fills the pages of this blog. It is what I live and breathe every day. At some point these two words—”content” and “marketing”—came together to form a single term. And they make a lot of sense together. Why?

Let’s take a look at their definitions.

Con·tent [kon-tent]: Something that is to be expressed through some medium, as speech, writing, or any of various arts.

Mar·ket·ing [mahr-kit-ing]: The activities that…

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By Anne Murphy Apr 10, 2014 Leave a Comment
25 Bay Area Marketers You Should Follow

As content marketers, we talk a lot about the importance of building trust and connections in the digital world.

Joining online communities, reading articles, and sharing best practices are convenient ways to gather information. But offline communities still have a powerful place in our professional growth.

That’s why we’re dedicating an entire afternoon to discuss—face-to-face—content marketing with Bay Area professionals at content.San Francisco, a free half-day event focused on actionable ways to improve your content strategy.

To further celebrate communities, both offline and online, we compiled a list of 25 Bay Area marketers who are saying and doing innovative…

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By Jesse Noyes Apr 10, 2014 Leave a Comment
Do You Need to Hire a B2B or B2C Content Marketer?

It’s a question I hear all the time: “I want to hire a content marketer, but I’m in B2B (or B2C). Do I need someone with experience in my industry?”

Great question, and one we asked ourselves when creating the content the Content Marketing Hiring Handbook. Really, the answer isn’t a simple yes or no.

What you need to ask is whether a candidate has the main qualities of great content marketers, and if they have the ability to understand your customers’ path to purchase. I try to answer this key question in the video below (transcript below)….

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3 Tips for Creating Persuasive Video Stories

You don’t have to be James Cameron to make epic video content for your brand. Thank modern video technology for that. You do, however, need some creative finesse to make content that will rise above the noise and inspire action.

If you’re going to compete with known video trailblazers and stand out in your industry, you have to tell a story with the endearing magic of Chipotle’s Scarecrow, even if you don’t have a mega-budget. Moreover, the video has to make your audience want to engage with your brand and your call-to-action if you’re going to see any ROI.

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By Chris Boulas Apr 8, 2014 Leave a Comment
Quick Tip: Increase Search Traffic with New Title Tag Guidelines

We all know we need to adapt to the fast-paced evolution of technology on the web, yet we often find ourselves sticking with best practices that—well—aren’t actually the best anymore.

I’ll be the first to confess. With so many SEO optimization nuances to remember, I often find myself referring to tactics that worked a year ago. However, it’s important to stop and update your knowledge bank, and to make sure you’re adapting to changes.

To keep content marketers in the loop, here are updated best practices for page titles. Specifically, the HTML title tag that search engines use…

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