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By Jesse Noyes Apr 22, 2014 Leave a Comment
Why Your Blog Needs a Call to Action Flowchart [Free Template]

Someday, someone will write a book called “Everybody Blogs.” If the stats are any indication, it will be dedicated to the Fortune 500.

But despite the popularity of corporate blogging far too many organizations burn out quickly, leaving deserted digital outposts that are eyesores on a website. This happens for a variety of reasons—a lack of resources, stretched bandwidth, halting collaboration on ideas…

Here’s another reason businesses give up on a blog: It just doesn’t convert

Don’t blame it on the platform. Well-written, customer-centric blogs are as powerful as ever for communicating with potential buyers and current clients…

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Making It Count: A Guide to Content Marketing Analytics

If you’re investing in content marketing, but you don’t know whether or not it’s actually making an impact on your business…

You’re not alone.

Only 27% of marketers say they are effectively tracking content. And almost every marketer is struggling to prove the value of that content.

How can you do it? Simple: content marketing analytics.

Analytics are vital to the success of content marketing strategies. They link your content efforts and investments to quantifiable results such as lead and revenue generation. They demystify impact and value.

Why Does It Matter?

If a singular blog…

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By Liz O'Neill Apr 21, 2014 1 comment
Content Marketing for Business Services: Data That Proves Emotion Trumps Reason

Common sense tells us that business buyers are primarily interested in the business value of a product. We think that unlike B2C buyers, who are more emotionally invested in products they use, B2B buyers care more about detailed product specs, competitive differentiators, and value propositions.

Right? Wrong!

Turns out, B2B brands drive significantly more emotional connections than B2C brands.

Of the hundreds of B2C brands researched in this study by Google, the CEB, and Motista, most have emotional connections with 10%-40% of consumers. Meanwhile, B2B brands elicit an emotional connection with more than 50% of their buyers. So much for common sense.


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How to Hire a Director of Content Marketing

The top new marketing title recruited and hired in 2014 will be “Director of Content.” Or at least that’s what Forbes is betting on.

Why? Because companies are investing more budget than ever before in their content marketing efforts. If they want to see any return on investment, those same companies must also hire someone to manage the development and promotion of all of that content.

But, aside from writing and editing skills, what specific characteristics should you look for when hiring a director of content marketing? Here are five key qualities that will ensure you’re…

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Content Marketing Success Story: Cengage Learning

Learn more

Find out how Cengage Learning organizes for content with the help of Kapost.

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5 Things Every Enterprise Marketer Needs to Know about Content Marketing

Enterprise marketers won’t be competitive—against rival organizations or against rival job applicants—without a solid understanding of content marketing.

These days, many of us are revenue marketers. We’re tied to (and measured on) lead, opportunity, and revenue numbers, just like our sales counterparts. It doesn’t matter how much engagement we drive. If we’re not driving business, we’re failing.

But do you really understand how your content supports your business objectives? Or how to incorporate content into your marketing strategy? If not, it’s time to figure it out—for the sake of your business and your career.

Companies like…

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Do You Need Content Marketing Software or Project Management Software?

When it comes to planning, producing, and publishing content, seasoned content marketers know that manual systems just don’t cut it.

Version control, streamlined approval processes, and up-to-date editorial calendars are essential ingredients of successful content marketing efforts. Leave one out, and you risk dismantling entire campaigns.

To succeed, content marketers need software.

Many organizations have identified this need. To fill it, they’re often deciding between project management tools and content marketing software.

Project management tools—like Basecamp, Trello, and JIRA—are great at establishing processes and prioritizing tasks. But for marketers—particularly revenue marketers—there are important limitations to consider with…

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How to Create a Content Marketing Workflow

In the content marketing industry, we spend a lot of time thinking about strategy—that very important phase in our content planning process where we figure out what content we need to create, why we need to create it, and who we’re creating it for.

But having a solid content strategy in place isn’t enough. Marketers must develop a workflow that outlines exactly how that well-planned content will be produced and published.

When it comes to content marketing workflows, there’s no one-size-fits-all model.

Instead, workflows are heavily influenced by your organization’s unique team structure, internal approval process, and the tools and…

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Content Analytics for the Revenue Marketer

You may have heard the term “revenue marketer,” but do you really know what it means?

The term “revenue marketer” was coined by The Pedowitz Group in 2010 to describe a modern B2B marketer who is held responsible for revenue and the top of the sales funnel.

A revenue marketer is different from a brand marketer. While both marketers aim to increase brand sentiment, brand awareness, and the number of customers who purchase a product, only the revenue marketer is accountable for actual growth in sales or revenue of a business.

“The role of the new CMO has changed,” said Lee…

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Get Your Learning On!

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Everything you ever want to know about content marketing, sortable by category and content type.

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10 Essential Content Marketing Lessons for Modern Marketers

I fell into marketing quite by accident. I was going to be a tour manager, watching over band members and tweeting pics of performances.

Instead, now I’m watching over brand mentions and tweeting pics of sad puppies.

While the skills I honed in the music industry translated fluidly into marketing, I still had a lot to learn.

As recent research from the Content Marketing Hiring Handbook shows, marketing hiring managers are looking beyond candidates with marketing and PR degrees for content marketing positions. While these graduates and aspiring professionals may have translatable skills such as…

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By Jean Spencer Apr 14, 2014 1 comment
How to Get a Job in Content Marketing: An Interview with LinkedIn’s Jason Miller

If you’re looking for a job in content marketing, the time is ripe.

Content marketing is the top hiring priority for marketing departments, beating out social media, design, lead generation, and executive staff. And new research shows that 78% of surveyed companies are looking to hire 1-3 content team members in the next year.

For our recent hiring handbook, we interviewed Jason Miller, global content marketing lead for LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, to find out what makes quality candidates stand out.

Miller provided some actionable advice for aspiring content marketers, which are too great not to share. Below…

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