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By Jean Spencer Oct 1, 2014 Leave a Comment
The Power of Iconography

A good eBook is visually compelling, contains relevant information for your readers, and drives leads. But how do you make your eBook stand out in a sea of content?

Design every inch of it.

Good design not only matters, it’s utterly essential. It’s the difference between a Word Doc turned .pdf pamphlet (gulp) and a visually gripping asset that drives leads.

Good design not only matters, it’s utterly essential. @jeanwrites

And particularly for eBooks which tend to be more informative or educational in nature (as opposed to playful), one of the best ways to jazz up your…

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By Anne Murphy Sep 30, 2014 Leave a Comment
Go-To Resources for Building Your Content Strategy Playbook

If you’re in the early stages of developing a content marketing playbook for your organization or business group, then you know it requires a lot of research. You’re probably spending hours identifying best practices that align with your organization, checking out what other companies are doing in your industry, and forming a data-driven strategy with clear-cut goals and KPIs.

That’s no small feat, but it’s worth it. The returns on a buyer-centric content strategy are huge, and aligning around content is key for getting the most out of your marketing investments.

So to help…

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By Toby Murdock Sep 30, 2014 Leave a Comment
Aligning Around Content: Many Business Units, A Common Customer

The goal of every company is to grow and to expand, but that expansion, of course, brings challenges.

As you get bigger you develop different product lines. And then you sell those different product lines into different geographies around the world. And a matrix settles over your organizational chart. And quickly the virtues of getting bigger start to become curses, or, at least, significant impediments.

This is particularly the case as you try to respond across your organization to new major business trends. Like content marketing.

All of those different product lines and different geographies have developed their own marketing…

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By Jean Spencer Sep 29, 2014 Leave a Comment
The Anatomy of an Excellent Whitepaper [Infographic]

There are certain things that make content stand out. The topic, the design, the interactivity….

But while some people are under the impression that digital marketing success is completely random, Team Kapost comes from a different school of thought.

We believe there’s a rhyme and reason to producing successful content.

As such, welcome to the 5-part “Content Anatomy” series, which breaks down stand-out examples of the most popular content types. The infographics that follow look closely at the intimate components of 5 different content types, examining how these elements come together to form a complete and functional asset.


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Marketing Technology Has Never Been More Important

Learn more

Learn about the 5 essential marketing technologies, and how content marketing software fits into the mix.

By Anne Murphy Sep 26, 2014 Leave a Comment
Everything You Need to Know About Top-of-Funnel Content in Under 500 Words

This short-and-sweet blog post covers:

What people mean by “top-of-funnel content” Marketer’s goals at this stage of the buyer’s journey Key elements of top-of-funnel content Four examples of companies creating brilliant top-of-funnel content 1. What Is Top-of-Funnel Content?

When marketers refer to the top, middle, and bottom of the marketing and sales funnel, they’re referencing the concept that—in marketing—you pull a large pool of people into your website or database that may be eventually interested in your products or services. As these people move down the funnel, the pool gets smaller. Those who are actually interested in purchasing your…

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By Jean Spencer Sep 25, 2014 Leave a Comment
The #1 Reason Marketing Automation Fails [Infographic]

Embed the full graphic on your own website or blog by copying the code below: Brought to you by Kapost


Let me ask you a question.

Are you getting the full value out of your marketing automation technology?

75% of marketers who’ve invested say the #1 reason marketing automation fails is the lack of content and processes.

Maybe you’re rowing in the same boat. You’ve invested in a technology that is meant to be a major game changer in your digital marketing strategy. But you’re not…

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By Jean Spencer Sep 24, 2014 Leave a Comment
How Brad Feld Promotes and Distributes eBooks

You can’t just write an eBook and expect people to buy it or download it.

Distribution and promotion are key to your publication’s success.

Why? Because if your consumers/buyers/readers/audience can’t access your book, they’re never going to read it. Different people choose different media to consume content. You have the guy on the train reading his Kindle during his morning commute, the gal on her iPhone waiting for the bus, and the hundreds of people sitting on their computers using various web browsers.

Most people publish eBooks in a simple .pdf file that can be used online or in…

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By Todd Cameron Sep 23, 2014 Leave a Comment
Content Marketing Is Marketing

“At 25 I was brilliantly clever; and I have learned nothing in the subsequent 27 years.”

This quote, from the first page of “The Unpublished David Ogilvy,” is a reference to what Forbes called “probably the best sales manual ever written.” It’s talking about Ogilvy’s thirty page guide, “The Theory Practice of Selling the Aga Cooker,” written in 1935.

As a Principal Consultant with Kapost, I have the privilege of spending time on-site with a variety of clients.

For some of them, developing a content marketing operation is an entirely new concept, while others have already taken steps to create…

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For All You Comic Book Fans…

Learn more

Download the content marketing comic book, complete with superhero insights from the likes of Joe Chernov, Joe Pulizzi, Todd Wheatland, Jill Rowley and more.

By Toby Murdock Sep 22, 2014 Leave a Comment
The Content Curve

Marketers have more direct access to buyers than ever before. The Internet and social media enable us to reach buyers through an explosion of new digital channels. And tools have proliferated to help us manage these channels and the content pushed through them.

But the quantity and speed of these changes have left many of us marketers confused around the terminology, channels, and tools. In particular, there’s confusion around the relationship of social media marketing and content marketing, a topic I’ve been writing on for quite a while.

Allow me to introduce then a new concept, the Content Curve,…

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By Jean Spencer Sep 22, 2014 Leave a Comment
Over 200 Stats That Prove Content Marketing Is Here to Stay

Content marketing isn’t a tactic. It’s not a channel. It’s a strategic operation that delivers: Increased revenue More qualified leads Better cost-per-lead ratios Strengthened brand loyalty.

But don’t trust us…trust the industry analysts, research, and data. (We’ve gathered over 200 stats here, and below, are some we love.)

27,000,000 pieces of content are shared each day. (stat) (tweet this) 78% of CMOs think custom content is the future of marketing. (stat) (tweet this) 200%—percent increase in email open rates for companies integrating a content marketing operation. (stat) (

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