Remember “back in the day” when a solid content marketing strategy involved little more than a solid blog post, a Twitter account, and some SEO keyword research? Ahh, the good ol’ days. 

For the early adopters of content marketing, our current days can feel pretty bleak. Somewhere among the eruption of teams, tools, and channels across the marketing landscape, content marketing became a lot more complicated. This has been especially true for B2B. As prospects are bombarded with options, figuring out how to make an impact is no easy feat. 

However, we have faith in the power of content to drive sales—and it’s more than just a gut feeling. So, in these dark ages of content marketing, we sought to gain added perspective from top B2B experts on how to drive engagement, grow revenue, and continue to build a high-performing team—all powered by content. 

Check out the infographic below to learn the top B2B marketing challenges and download the full eBook, Thriving in the Dark Ages of Content Marketing, to discover even more sophisticated marketing challenges from these industry leaders.  

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  • Arvind Kesh

    “The Dark Age of Content Marketing” – superb way of putting it Kelsey! I wanted to know your personal opinion on how we can coast through this dark age.