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Infographic Inspiration from the Best Brands in Content Marketing

Infographics are heavy hitters in content marketing. And their popularity continues to skyrocket. As a tactic, infographics saw the biggest rise in usage amongst B2B marketers, jumping from 51% to 62% this year.

Visuals are, hands-down, the best way to grasp the attention of buyers. They into reader emotions, satisfy their short attention spans, and ensure your content sticks. Infographics take it a step further. They marry two powerful elements: visuals and data. They turn bland data into engaging, compelling content that’s easily to digest and remember.

Infographic Inspiration from the Best Brands in Content Marketing by @amurphias


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How to Create Your First Content Pillar

The content pillar approach is one of the most efficient—and effective—ways to get your integrated content operation functioning.

Content pillars drive as many as 4x the leads and 3x the closed deals as compared to other marketing campaigns. But how do you get started? It’s not as hard as it seems.

Wait, What’s a Content Pillar?

A “content pillar” is a substantive piece of content on a specific topic or theme which can be broken into many derivative assets. These smaller pieces then drive traffic back to the main asset, which people download in exchange for their…

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3 Ways to Create an Agile Enterprise Marketing Strategy in 2015

Have you documented your 2015 content marketing plan yet? If not, you should.

While only 35% of B2B companies have a documented content strategy, the majority (60%) of those marketers rate themselves highly in terms of content marketing effectiveness, compared to just 32% of those with a verbal strategy.

So, a written plan is key. But it’s not the only important factor.

An integrated marketing strategy requires two things that aren’t guaranteed in that PowerPoint presentation, the one that maps out your yearly plan then sits in a few people’s email inboxes, rarely seen again after it’s presented. It requires:

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These Brands Don’t Add to the Holiday Marketing Drivel

Holiday marketing. Gross.

As consumers, we’re pretty skeptical of brands around this time of year. We all know they’re trying to get us in their stores and onto their websites with wallets open and credit cards out. We know they’re trying to capitalize on all the mixed up emotions that come with the holidays. Damn them.

Holiday marketing. Gross.

Often, holiday marketing efforts are easy to ignore; they’re cliche and uninteresting. The message doesn’t connect with us. It’s not funny. It doesn’t make us think—at least about something other than the fear of choosing gifts that prompt an awkward “Ooooh….

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Become a SlideShare Master

Learn more

Here’s a step-by-step look at how we created our most successful SlideShare presentation—ever.

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4 Ways to Get Company-Wide Buy-In for Content

Content—if it’s going to be successful—can’t be created in vacuum. Alienated from sales, services, distribution and analysis teams, content creators have little insight into the needs of the organization or broader business objectives. Unfortunately, this disconnected model is how many enterprise organizations approach a content marketing strategy.

Within this flawed and isolated setup, scaling content in the enterprise is nearly impossible. And before a content operation has a chance to gain traction and prove value, it gets dissolved into another marketing group or disappears altogether.

“The content team doesn’t know what to create that will be valuable,” explains

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How to Build a Content Framework for the Enterprise

Scaling a content operation within a company can feel like a hard, steep climb—particularly for enterprise marketers.

And the fact of the matter is, you can’t do it alone.

To establish an enterprise content marketing framework, you need support from across your organization. Otherwise, your efforts will not drive the results or company-wide involvement you need to sustain and grow a content-focused, buyer-centric marketing strategy.

At Kapost, our customer success team has worked with hundreds of customers to scale their content operations. They’ve watched marketing drive 4X the leads and 3X the closed deals with…

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3 Steps to Preparing for a Content Audit

Content audits are beastly projects. And like any major initiative, proper preparation makes life a heck of a lot easier when you actually get to the execution part.

To prove just how important it is to prepare for a content audit, I’d like to tell you a story. Let’s call our main character Dan.

Dan was asked to perform a content audit. After getting over the fear and anxiety of spending his working hours sifting through asset after asset, he dug into the project. He turned on his Content Audit Playlist and started to organize content by publish date,…

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5 Scary-Awesome SlideShare Presentations

I love a good theme.

Show me a marketer who doesn’t, and I’ll show you kid who can catch a basketball mid-air after going down a homemade slip-n-slide, shoot, and score before falling into the water.


Bad example. Well, anyway…

Because marketers love themes, there tend to be a lot of fun top-of-funnel content around festive times of year. Halloween is no exception. With that in mind, I’ve rounded up 5 of the best SlideShare presentations inspired by this horrifyingly fabulous day.

And don’t be fooled by the playful tone—they actually have interesting insights worth digging into.


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Content Marketing for Business Services

Learn more

Download this comprehensive guide, and learn industry-specific strategies for planning, developing, and promoting content.

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Everything You Need to Know About Bottom-of-Funnel Content in Under 500 Words

You’ve mastered top-of-funnel and middle-of-the-funnel content which engaged and informed your prospects. The next step is to convert them to customers.

This blog post covers:

Everything You Need to Know About Bottom-of-Funnel Content in Under 500 Words

What “bottom-of-funnel” content means The most important goals and objectives The key aspects that make content effective at this stage Examples of brilliant bottom-of-the-funnel content 1. What Is Bottom-of-the-Funnel Content?

When marketers talk about bottom-of-the-funnel content, they’re talking about assets that help persuade a prospect to purchase from your company. This content is often used by your sales team. Generally, these materials…

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Trick or Tweet! 13 Marketers Share Their Content Tips [SlideShare]

Every marketer has a trick or two up their sleeve, those go-to tactics and practices that drive results campaign after campaign. So when we asked members of the Content Marketing Academy to share their must-follow tips for content marketing success, we knew we were in for a treat.

Check out the 13 tricks below, gathered from LinkedIn and some of our favorite articles from around the web.

For your sharing pleasure, these bite-size morsels of knowledge are tweetable. So even if your trick-or-treating days are over, I invite you to enjoy some good ‘ol trick-and-tweeting.

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