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CMOs Under Even More Pressure in 2015 [New Research]

CMOs are in a precarious position in 2015. More budget is going toward digital marketing, but they can’t quantify the business impact—and CEOs are losing faith.

Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business released the findings from their CMO survey, a biannual report on the budgets, strategies, and opinions of marketing executives.

The three stats below reflect the current challenges facing CMOs this year, when the pressure to deliver quantifiable results is higher than ever.

Digital marketing spend is estimated to rise by 14.7%, the highest figure in at least 3 years.

Traditional advertising spend is projected to decrease by…

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Two Financial Services Brands Creating Engaging Content

Marketers worry that “sexy” industries have a leg up, so to speak, in the content game. They cite clever Super Bowl commercials, controversial social media campaigns, funny Tumblr accounts…

Sure. There may be more examples out there of consumer-focused products and businesses pushing the limits and seeing returns, but risqué ads and controversy aren’t the only ways to get creative with marketing content.

Take, for example, financial services marketers.

Despite dealing with compliance and regulation issues, many financial services brands are taking up the content banner to engage their target audiences.

The key to effective…

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10 Stats on the Business Impact of Marketing and Sales Alignment

Marketing and sales alignment is more important than ever.

Nowadays, buyers expect a seamless brand experience across channels. And as more brands invest in delivering fluid customer experiences, the delight of receiving the right message at the right time becomes more than a nice-to-have; it becomes an expectation.

In B2B, one of the critical moments in a buyer’s journey—and a hard one for brands to nail down— is when a prospect is passed from marketing to sales.

Sure, we can have a sense of humor about it, but the stats below provide some insight into…

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[INFOGRAPHIC] Why Financial Services Marketers Must Focus on Content

Content-focused marketing strategies have been shown to build trust and engagement with buyers.

And financial services—consistently ranked as the least trusted industry globally—could use a little help in that department.

Believing that content is important for reaching and engaging financial services buyers is one thing—and actually, a thing we’re seeing more and more:

76% of financial services professionals believe content marketing is the most effective way to regain trust 67% think digital marketing is more efficient, believing that it costs less to reach targeted consumers online than off.

But executing on that belief proves difficult. Financial services marketers…

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Content Chaos Is Damaging Your Business

Learn more

Only 32% of marketers say they’re effectively executing enough content. Download this report from Aberdeen to find out how best-in-class companies overcome content chaos.

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[Customer Spotlight] Dun & Bradstreet Ties Content to Results

By Anne Murphy and Jean Spencer

Financial services is one of least trusted industries globally, and without building a relationship with prospects based on integrity and accountability, it’s hard to get new customers on board—which is where content comes into play.

76% of financial services professionals believe content marketing is the most effective way to regain trust. Dun & Bradstreet, a data and analytics company with financial as a significant portion of their portfolio, is no exception.

By investing in Kapost to manage their marketing content processes and analysis, and focusing on persona- and…

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Hiring Content-Focused Marketers Still a Challenge

I’m a major fan of marketing statistics—of all types and on all topics.

And SkilledUp’s new report underscores a serious supply problem facing companies looking for content marketing professionals—a finding echoed by our own Kapost-driven study on hiring in content marketing. In it, we discovered that while many companies plan to grow out their content-focused marketing teams, 83% of respondents said hiring for these role was either “difficult” or “somewhat difficult.”

Below are some key highlights from Skilled Up. You can check out the full report here.

94% of the marketing professionals surveyed…

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Creating Valuable Content Is the Biggest Roadblock to Growing Email Lists [NEW DATA]

There’s one tune marketers can’t stop singing—and it’s not exactly upbeat.

Time and time again, studies show that the inability to produce valuable and engaging content hinders marketing teams, stunting success across channels like social media, blogs, search and SEO, sales enablement, and marketing automation.

And, as new data from Ascend2 echoes, creating valuable and relevant content is the biggest obstacle to growing email lists.

Ascend2’s survey respondents—mostly B2B marketers—report as the most effective tactics for growing lists: gating website access (43%) and content downloads (42%).

As many marketing experts have pointed out,…

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3 Easy Ways to Market Your Content Internally

Creating content for your company is one thing. Getting your company to care about the content you create is another thing entirely.

Often, marketers spend so much time figuring out how to plan, develop, edit, publish and promote their content, they forget one of the most important factors for a successful content marketing framework: internal support.

“Many marketing teams are creating great content, but they don’t have a good way to have internal stakeholders leverage and use it,” says Grace Boyle, Director of Customer Success at Kapost.

Why Does This Matter?

For a few reasons, actually.


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Why You Need to Commit to Buyer-Centric Content

Learn more

This workbook explains how you can deliver the right content to the right people at the right time.

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[CHEAT SHEET] 11 Content Principles Every Marketer Needs to Memorize

I recently re-read William Strunk, Jr. and E.B. White’s must-keep-close-by-at-all-times guide, The Elements of Style. The experience left me—and I think, will leave you—with two main thoughts:

Wow, I need to remember this stuff. Wow, this book has a lot of personality.

These takeaways may not seem profound.

But my reaction is the same one that we, as marketers, strive to elicit from our readers, prospects, and customers. This little book simultaneously educates and entertains. It’s clear, concise, and packed with personality.

As E.B. White notes in the introduction, written for the 1979 edition of the book:

“Will Strunk loved…

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7 Cheat Sheets Every Content Creator and Editor Should Bookmark

The “cheat sheet.”

This type of content—when well-crafted—makes your job easier, your day more manageable, and your brow less furrowed.

As a content creator, the managing editor of the Content Marketeer, and a digital marketer, these cheat sheets serve as invaluable references for optimizing content and polishing your copy. Taken from my own bookmarks, they’re not all fancy—but they get the job done.

Social Media Image Guide

You’re going to find a lot of guides/infographics/posts on this topic. But Sprout Social’s sticks out because they regularly update their information. This blog post will remain relevant even…

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