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Daily by Buffer: The Tinder of Content

Swipe right, you’re into it. Swipe left, you’re just not feeling it.

Daily by Buffer, a new app from one of our favorite social media tools, has become the Tinder of content.

Buffer’s new mobile app takes advantage of the thumb swipe design made famous by Tinder, an online dating app for connecting with potential partners within a 1-to-95-mile radius.

Daily by Buffer: The Tinder of Content by @amurphias

How does Tinder work? Someone’s picture, name, and age pops up on your phone.

If you swipe right and they swipe right, you can start chatting. Swipe left,…

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How We Screwed Up a Brilliant Marketing Campaign

It was supposed to be our major traffic driver of the quarter. An Internet viral sensation.

But it didn’t quite work out that way. This is the story of how we—the marketing team at Kapost—bombed one of our most brilliant, should-have-been-awesome marketing campaigns.

The Concept

The idea emerged earlier this year: A Star Wars vs. Star Trek-themed marketing campaign. We’d ask marketers, “Is your content more Star Wars or is it more like Star Trek?”

Both Trekkies and Star Wars fans are well-known, vocal, and dedicated to their causes on the interwebs. Members of our own team have loyal ties…

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3 B2B Medical/Health Brands Doing Content Marketing Right

Within seconds of landing on a website, it’s obvious whether or not a brand is going to provide a positive digital and content experience for their online visitors. This was true when I reviewed the sites of B2B SaaS companies, and it’s true now as I dig into B2B health and medical brands.

Marketing is in a constant state of change, but communication—clear, compelling, consistent communication—will always be the cornerstone of successful branded content. And the best brands out there—the ones who understand the message they want to share and how to communicate it to their…

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Quick Tip: How to Find Awesome GIFs for All Occasions

GIFs. We love them in emails, blog posts, Twitter posts…and every day, companies are coming up with new and brilliant ways of incorporating GIFs into the content marketing mix.

But how the heck do people find those funny, amazing, spot-on GIFs?

Some people swear by specific platforms, such as Giphy, Reddit, or Reaction Gifs.

But my favorite approach to getting good GIFs is—hands down—Google image search. It’s fast, thorough, and returns tons of results that I can quickly scan until I find a hilarious reference that resonates, which means I can reply…

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Templates for Process-Driven Content Creation

Learn more

Use these 6 workflow templates to create your landing pages, eBooks, blog posts, paid social ads, emails, and webinars.

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Winning the Content Marketing Game [Infogif]

Although 91% of marketers report doing content marketing, only 4% are considered “masters.” This small percentage of companies currently dominates the content marketing game.

But don’t let that number intimidate you. There are ways to level up your content marketing—and quickly—that will help you beat the obstacles blocking your success.

Check out the infogif—an animated infographic brought to you by Kapost and—to find out how to get on the content marketing leader board.

Winning the Content Marketing Game, by the Numbers

91% of B2B marketers use content marketing (Source) — 

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What Comes After a Content Audit?

There’s a reason Rebecca Lieb refers to content audits as “a cornerstone of content strategy.”

Performing a content audit is the only way to grasp the current state of your content. It tells you (1) what content you have, (2) where it’s located, (3) how it’s organized, and (4) how well it’s performing.

Contrary to popular belief, content audits don’t have to be a months-long process. You can thank the Content Auditor tool for that, which crawls websites, blogs, and YouTube channels to gather content into a single spot.

What Comes After a Content…

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4 SaaS Companies Mastering Content Marketing

Researching this post confirmed that marketing has moved toward content-centric strategies. Nearly every SaaS company I looked into is doing some form of content marketing. I saw whitepapers, blogs, and eBooks galore.

But there’s a big gap between people simply doing content marketing, and those doing it well. Indeed, only 4% of B2B content marketers are considered “masters” at the craft. And the difference is obvious. While the majority of companies exhibit signs of content marketing, many are simply checking the content box. They’re not adopting content as central to their marketing strategies.

But the four SaaS companies…

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Why Content Audits Suck & A Tool That Makes Them Easy [SlideShare]

Why does the content marketing audit suffer from a bad reputation?

Because it’s a painstaking, time-consuming process—that’s why.

Why Content Audits Suck and A Tool That Makes Them Easy [SlideShare]

Yet, just about everyone agrees a content audit is a needed part of a content marketing strategy, even if it does feel like it takes forever. And we’re here to tell you, your fears are misplaced. We’ve simplified (and automated) the process witha free content audit tool, the Content Auditor. It crawls your websites, blogs, and video channels, allows you to categorize content by type, publish date, persona,…

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Optimize Your Content Factory

Learn more

Up to 70% of content being produced isn’t getting used. Sound familiar? Find out how SiriusDecisions recommends brands address this issue with the SiriusDecisions Content Model Toolkit.

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The Shortlist of Content Marketing Tools

We use a lot of digital tools—to do our jobs, to organize our lives, to communicate with friends and colleagues. And as technology sneaks into more of our work and home hours, we’re spending even more time and money on these tools.

In one month, we use on average 26 different apps for about 30 hours and 15 minutes, and Americans spend the equivalent of 17% of their monthly mortgage or rent  on technology. Technology is also changing the way we operate as marketers. By 2017, CMOs are expected to spend more on technology than CIOs—traditionally seen…

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3 Reasons I Hate Finding Images for Content

Blog posts, eBooks, SlideShare presentations…

3 Reasons I Hate Finding Images for Content

They all require images. This is the one task in my content workflow that taunts me. Because finding images—correction—finding compelling, high quality images for content can be a huge pain.

Here are three reasons the process is infuriating.

1. It’s One Generic, Outdated Image After Another

Stock photos can be mind-numbingly bland. I’ve spent hours searching through galleries of fake smiles and pastel button-ups. Not only do they fail to reflect the modern work environment, but they also surrender the “power” that’s can come…

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