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The Shortlist of Content Marketing Tools

We use a lot of digital tools—to do our jobs, to organize our lives, to communicate with friends and colleagues. And as technology sneaks into more of our work and home hours, we’re spending even more time and money on these tools.

In one month, we use on average 26 different apps for about 30 hours and 15 minutes, and Americans spend the equivalent of 17% of their monthly mortgage or rent  on technology. Technology is also changing the way we operate as marketers. By 2017, CMOs are expected to spend more on technology than CIOs—traditionally seen…

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3 Reasons I Hate Finding Images for Content

Blog posts, eBooks, SlideShare presentations…

3 Reasons I Hate Finding Images for Content

They all require images. This is the one task in my content workflow that taunts me. Because finding images—correction—finding compelling, high quality images for content can be a huge pain.

Here are three reasons the process is infuriating.

1. It’s One Generic, Outdated Image After Another

Stock photos can be mind-numbingly bland. I’ve spent hours searching through galleries of fake smiles and pastel button-ups. Not only do they fail to reflect the modern work environment, but they also surrender the “power” that’s can come…

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2 Visuals That Explain Kapost’s Content Marketing Strategy

For attracting a target audience and engaging your buyers, visual content is huge. But there’s another audience you need to think about when you’re creating a content marketing plan: Your internal stakeholders.

Content marketing is a team effort. That’s undeniable. It requires buy-in from executives, collaboration across units, and an understanding of responsibilities.

2 Visuals That Explain Kapost’s Content Marketing Strategy

The reasons that visual content is powerful to your external audience—we process visuals faster than text and they elicit stronger engagement—are the same reasons they’ll help you internally. Illustrating your organization’s strategies…

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Easy Ways to Personalize Content with Marketing Automation

In today’s digital world, content is at the center of marketing. And one of the most effective channels for content distribution is marketing automation.

We’ve talked about some of the most effective marketing automation features and how to implement them, including lead nurturing, segmentation, and lead scoring—both of which can have huge returns. Today, we’re going to talk about another tactic for getting the most out of your content and marketing automation investments: personalization.

Personalizing content means using information about a known user to serve up content that’s relevant to that person.

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Hiring People for Your Content Team?

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Get job description templates for your most in-demand positions—including Director of Content Marketing, Managing Editor, Videographer, and more.

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7 Sites for Free & Beautiful Public Domain Photos [Infographic]

Stock photography can be pretty hilarious, but not in a way that’s good for business.

When I see stiff, perfectly posed “professionals” in button-ups and business suits smiling as they “collaborate” (i.e. point at meaningless graphs and spreadsheets) I can’t help but cringe.

Most stock photography is not only stale, but also expensive—the industry is estimated to be worth anywhere from $2 billion to $5 billion worldwide.

7 Sites for Free & Beautiful Public Domain Photos [Infographic]

Of course, the power of visual content can’t be refuted. Our brains process visuals 60,000x faster than text. Images and videos 

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What Beer and Content Have in Common [Infographic]

Imagine you’re sipping your favorite beer.

Perhaps it’s crisp and refreshing—just right for this time of year. Or maybe it’s hoppy and intense—something that surprises your senses.

What Beer and Content Have in Common [Infographic]

Now, think of the brewer who crafted that product. Think of how thrilled they’d be if they knew that the words “favorite beer” conjured their creation.

That, after all, is the goal: to deliver a unique product that hits the spot every time, creates positive and memorable experiences, and comes to mind when people want to kick back and enjoy.

We all want to…

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The Short-and-Sweet Definition of Content Marketing

There are a lot of definitions of content marketing out there. Like a lot. And, frankly, it’s overwhelming to wade through the multiple interpretations of the term to find one that’s easy to understand.

So I’ll make this quick.

What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is the process of developing, publishing, and distributing useful information that engages prospective customers and propels them toward purchase. This information can be delivered in several formats—eBooks, blog posts, videos, infographics, podcasts, images, interactive media, and more.

How Does Content Marketing Work?

Marketers use content to generate web traffic, convert…

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13 Scary-Ass Content Marketing Stats

It’s Friday the 13th, last night was the full moon, Mercury’s in retrograde…I’m scared.

Be wary, friends. There are some crazy rhythms in the universe right now. And I don’t just mean at your local drum circle.

Not that I’m superstitious or anything. But I AM a firm believer in being aware of potential pitfalls and staying prepared—just in case that worst case scenario rears it’s ugly head. Not that it will. (Knock on wood.)

Truth is, this isn’t just a planetary thing. There’s been some pretty scary mojo hanging about the content marketing world, too. Don’t believe me?…

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Become a SlideShare Master

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Here’s a step-by-step look at how we created our most successful SlideShare presentation—ever.

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The Art & Science of Content Marketing [Infographic]

Content marketers work in two spaces: the lab and the studio.

The lab is the place where we sift through the mountain of data at our disposal—data that grants us unparalleled insights into the purchasing process. We can track our buyer’s online behavior, craft campaigns around the trends and habits we discover, and test new tactics that lead to better results.

The studio is a place where we transform complex concepts are into accessible, valuable messages. Emotions are at the forefront in the studio. We work to communicate our messages through different mediums and distribution channels. In the studio, we push…

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SiriusDecisions Weighs in on the Content Marketing Software Industry

SiriusDecisions is a go-to source for many in B2B sales and marketing. And so many have waited for their analysts to weigh in on the emerging content marketing software space.

Last week, Jacques Bégin of SiriusDecisions jumped in with an article titled Do You Really Need Content Marketing Software?.

He outlines the four questions that need to be answered before you invest in content marketing software (we wrote a similar post here), why you might need it, and the potential challenges of getting up and running with new software for managing the ideation, activation, and…

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