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[CHEAT SHEET] 11 Content Principles Every Marketer Needs to Memorize

I recently re-read William Strunk, Jr. and E.B. White’s must-keep-close-by-at-all-times guide, The Elements of Style. The experience left me—and I think, will leave you—with two main thoughts:

Wow, I need to remember this stuff. Wow, this book has a lot of personality.

These takeaways may not seem profound.

But my reaction is the same one that we, as marketers, strive to elicit from our readers, prospects, and customers. This little book simultaneously educates and entertains. It’s clear, concise, and packed with personality.

As E.B. White notes in the introduction, written for the 1979 edition of the book:

“Will Strunk loved…

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7 Cheat Sheets Every Content Creator and Editor Should Bookmark

The “cheat sheet.”

This type of content—when well-crafted—makes your job easier, your day more manageable, and your brow less furrowed.

As a content creator, the managing editor of the Content Marketeer, and a digital marketer, these cheat sheets serve as invaluable references for optimizing content and polishing your copy. Taken from my own bookmarks, they’re not all fancy—but they get the job done.

Social Media Image Guide

You’re going to find a lot of guides/infographics/posts on this topic. But Sprout Social’s sticks out because they regularly update their information. This blog post will remain relevant even…

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How Illumina Solved Their Content Findability Problem

You may spend time and resources creating brilliant content, but if your salespeople and internal stakeholders can’t locate it, you’re wasting your efforts.

In content strategy agency Scriptorium’s Hierarchy of Content Needs, availability is foundational. Without providing internal stakeholders—such as sales and support teams—with visibility into the content that marketing teams create, content loses its power to influence the buyer during the journey to purchase.

Kathleen Pierce, Director of Commercial Content Operations at Illumina, knows this all too well.

Illumina is a biotechnology company that develops cutting edge systems for studying the genomic basis of human…

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3 Examples of Awesome End-of-the-Year Content Experiences

The time for reflection is here. As marketers, we’re digging into the data, dusting off our 2014 goals, reviewing our Twitter and Facebook feeds, and reliving the past 12 months in all its glorious triumphs and failed experiments.

And many are tapping into the end-of-year nostalgia by creating captivating interactive content experiences.

In fact, we created one of our own, showcasing the best brands in content marketing.

But as marketers flooded our inboxes with year-end content, there were a few brands that blew us away. Here are three of my favorite examples.


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Content Marketing for Business Services

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Download this comprehensive guide, and learn industry-specific strategies for planning, developing, and promoting content.

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Happy Holidays from Kapost!

Hopefully, you’re enjoying a nice warm fire, maybe some eggnog, and time with friends and family. Or, maybe you’ve ditched the holiday hubbub for your dream vacation (You go, Glenn Coco!).

Whatever your plans this holiday season, all of us here at Kapost wish you a whole lot of happiness, the right amount of cheer, and at least a small break from your usual grind.

Happy holidays, marketers!


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Can Good PR Save SeaWorld?

Long-time SeaWorld CEO, Jim Atchison, announced that January 15, 2015 will be his last day on the job. The company celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2014 and continues to operate 11 theme parks across the United States—but it’s been a rough two years.

Third quarter earnings dropped by 28 percent from the previous year, park attendance suffered, their stock plummeted, and layoffs have already begun as the company seeks to cut spending by $50 million by 2015.

Crashing public opinion is a major factor in this downfall—and the backlash from the 2013 documentary, Blackfish, is taking the brunt…

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Quick Tips for Starting a Content Board in the Enterprise

You can’t scale content in an enterprise without getting your company—or key stakeholders—to embrace the value of content. One of the best ways to promote internal buy-in is to establish a content board.

What Is a Content Board?

A “content board” is a gathering of key internal stakeholders within the organization who have insight into the goals and needs of the company as well as your buyers. And to provide value, a board must pull people from outside marketing.

“Just because your content organization gets together and discusses initiatives, it doesn’t mean you have a content board,”…

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Infographic Inspiration from the Best Brands in Content Marketing

Infographics are heavy hitters in content marketing. And their popularity continues to skyrocket. As a tactic, infographics saw the biggest rise in usage amongst B2B marketers, jumping from 51% to 62% this year.

Visuals are, hands-down, the best way to grasp the attention of buyers. They into reader emotions, satisfy their short attention spans, and ensure your content sticks. Infographics take it a step further. They marry two powerful elements: visuals and data. They turn bland data into engaging, compelling content that’s easily to digest and remember.

Infographic Inspiration from the Best Brands in Content Marketing by @amurphias


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Templates for Process-Driven Content Creation

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Use these 6 workflow templates to create your landing pages, eBooks, blog posts, paid social ads, emails, and webinars.

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How to Create Your First Content Pillar

The content pillar approach is one of the most efficient—and effective—ways to get your integrated content operation functioning.

Content pillars drive as many as 4x the leads and 3x the closed deals as compared to other marketing campaigns. But how do you get started? It’s not as hard as it seems.

Wait, What’s a Content Pillar?

A “content pillar” is a substantive piece of content on a specific topic or theme which can be broken into many derivative assets. These smaller pieces then drive traffic back to the main asset, which people download in exchange for their…

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3 Ways to Create an Agile Enterprise Marketing Strategy in 2015

Have you documented your 2015 content marketing plan yet? If not, you should.

While only 35% of B2B companies have a documented content strategy, the majority (60%) of those marketers rate themselves highly in terms of content marketing effectiveness, compared to just 32% of those with a verbal strategy.

So, a written plan is key. But it’s not the only important factor.

An integrated marketing strategy requires two things that aren’t guaranteed in that PowerPoint presentation, the one that maps out your yearly plan then sits in a few people’s email inboxes, rarely seen again after it’s presented. It requires:

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