Do you spend more time navigating office politics than executing your B2B product marketing strategy?

We feel you.

Over the last few months, we chatted with dozens of B2B product marketers, from companies large and small. We even grilled our own product marketers at Kapost for deeper insights. The overwhelming consensus was this:

B2B product marketers feel like the referee between sales, marketing, and product.  

At the end of the day, product marketers are held accountable for revenue generated by the respective product(s) they own. But instead of conducting market research and building go-to-market strategies, they lose their working hours fielding requests from sales for content that already exists and trying to keep marcom activities aligned with product objectives and messaging.

Needless to say, this imbalance plagues product marketers everywhere.

So naturally, we wrote the book on it—The B2B Product Marketing Playbook.

The following infographic highlights the major takeaways from the eBook—including insights from other B2B product marketers in the industry—to help you:

  • Navigate cross-departmental politics
  • Align product messaging across sales and marketing
  • And, ultimately, bring more revenue into your company’s pipeline

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  • Ravi Jay // @nycmixing

    Very interesting article! I feel as those this extends beyond the realm of marketing In that I’m often tasked with the role of transcribing technical terms into layman’s terms, and vice versa across varying teams.