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The Week in Content Marketing: Commercials, Editorial Calendars, Joe Chernov, and More

By Grace Boyle May 11, 2012 Leave a Comment

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Content Marketing: The $20 Billion Online Branding Opportunity: Why commercials are more powerful than display ads, and what that means for content marketing. Via Outbrain

Why Content Marketing Is the Way to Start a Business: “Freemium” marketing rarely works for startup businesses, but content marketing does. Here’s the lowdown on why. Via Brian Gardner

Eloqua’s Joe Chernov Talks Content Marketing: Eloqua’s acclaimed vice president of content marketing shares insights on B2B marketing, building infographics, being customer-centric, and more. Via SocialNerdia

The Pros and Cons of Editorial Calendars for Content Marketing: Content development manager Elisa Gabbert reviews the benefits and limitations of editorial calendars for the WordStream Internet Marketing Blog. Via Search Engine Journal

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Grace Boyle is a contributing writer to The Content Marketeer and is the Director of Customer Success for Kapost. As a longtime blogger (she has two blogs of her own), she gets geeky about content marketing and storytelling through writing. Grace also loves hiking, food, travel, yoga and laughter.

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