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The Week in Content Marketing: Fresh Ideas, Newsjacking, Youtility, And More

By Camilla Calhoun Jan 11, 2013 2 comments

Rounding up the best tips, tricks, and ideas in content marketing. Share your favorite sources with us in the comments or via email

8 Content Marketing Ideas You Haven’t Tried: Providing fresh content marketing ideas to increase engagement and reinvigorate your efforts in 2013. Via Eloqua

Newsjacking: 6 Tips to Help Your Branded Content Use the News: Listing the benefits of “newsjacking” and how/who is doing it right. Via Content Marketing Institute

20 B2B Marketing Blogs You Need To Read: Outlining Michael Brenner’s favorite B2B digital marketing blogs and why they make his list. Via B2B Marketing Insider

Jay Baer on Content Marketing, Youtility and Why Inbound Marketing Just Isn’t Enough: Recapping Jay Baer’s talk at New Media Expo (NMX) where he defines “Youtility,” pushes the importance of Social ROI, Friend of Mine Awareness, and how offering help and value to your customers makes them a long-term customer. Via Top Rank

Photo Credit: Content Marketing Institute

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