If you look at the stats on the current state of B2B marketing, content marketing is still going strong—as in, 89% of B2B marketers are using a content marketing strategy, 29% of global marketing budgets are spent on content marketing, and 39% of companies are planning on increasing that budget for 2017, according to the most recent B2B marketing survey from CMI.

What’s most important to note is that of the marketers surveyed, 85% attribute their organization’s strategic content marketing success to content creation.

The best teams, like IBM Analytics, read the (qualitative and quantitative) writing on the wall, deciding to figure out a way to improve content production, and thus, content marketing success.

Using functionality in Kapost, including a centralized editorial calendar and cross-functional workflow templates, IBM streamlined their content production and doubled their content output. The shared, single-source of truth that was Kapost allowed their global team to collaborate quickly and easily—especially because it was a tool everyone actually used.

Learn more about IBM’s incredible content product transformation in the full, online case study here. Or, download the PDF for offline reading. It’s definitely a story you’ll want to share!

Kelsey Loughman

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Kelsey is a Writer and Sr. Content Marketing Manager at Kapost, trading law school for marketing startups. Now, she geeks out over innovative content strategy, trail runs, kale chips, and the (occasional) legal drama.