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The Most Important Part of Digital Marketing [Interactive Infographic]

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Marketing has a problem. Every year, marketers allocate more budget toward technology. Yet, the act of purchasing social media management, marketing automation, or CRM tools doesn’t automatically equal money in the bank.

Marketing investments need content to perform. If these tools are the vehicles used to reach buyers, then content is the fuel that keeps them running.

The Most Important Part of Digital Marketing [Interactive Infographic] by @jeanwrites

For example, marketing automation may be the ticket to identifying leads and monitoring their online behavior—but without the production of original content for those leads, they’ll get bored and tire of your company.

Content supports every part of the sales funnel: it attracts leads, engages prospects, and nurtures opportunities to closed-win deals. But before you see a return on your marketing investments, you need a content operation to provide fresh, diverse, and buyer-centric content for each of these channels.

Play the game below to see exactly how a content marketing operation fuels the most popular marketing technologies.

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