When it comes to content creation, the struggle for getting things out the door is real. All too often, teams come up with an idea—be it a blog post, eBook, or webinar—only for the actual deliverable to be left incomplete. The result? You jump back into your inbox after a few weeks and find that long forgotten task of, “Hi! Can you please edit this by (insert missed deadline).”

For all you fellow Type-A personalities out there, the pain of a missed deadline is unbearable. But with the constant chaos of a content operation, sometimes we’re just trying to keep our heads afloat.

That’s why Lenovo turned to Kapost.

Lenovo Used Kapost to Streamline Workflows and Boost Productivity

Wanting to escape the old days of traditional print marketing, Lenovo decided it was time to explore a more robust digital strategy. Like the sophisticated marketers they are, the team started the process using marketing automation, which is the perfect way to dip your toe in the proverbial water of digital marketing campaigns. However, they quickly adapted and realized they needed to organize the process in order to truly harness the power of full-funnel content marketing.

With the help of Kapost, Lenovo was able to reach new content marketing heights. Lenovo used Kapost workflow functionality to streamline their operation, eliminating cross-team inefficiencies and doubling their asset production over the course of two years. You can learn more about their story by checking out the full case study. Or head straight to a downloadable PDF, so you can share the power of a marketing operating system with your team.

Kelsey Loughman

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Kelsey is the former Sr. Content Marketing Manager at Kapost. She oversaw the Marketeer blog, created amazing eBooks, and inspired marketers to create more advanced strategies. See what she's up to @Kay_Lockman.