Marketers, whether or not we want to believe it, we’re working in the dark ages. Sounds a little dramatic, no? Stay with us here.

As B2B marketers, it’s safe to say we’re consistently battling roadblocks and challenges that hinder us from doing the work we’re passionate about, and what makes content so cool—the ability to connect, persuade, and educate others.

Content is cool, but it can also be chaotic. With growing teams, the complexity only increases; content is everywhere, but it’s often not optimized for the right customer at the right time, the ROI is too hard to measure, or content doesn’t even get used.

Because content marketing is such a vital part of any organization, there’s roundtable need to pull content marketing out of the dark and into the light.

We already have some answers for you. In our latest eBook, Thriving in the Dark Ages of Content Marketing, content marketing rockstar Barry Feldman admits we’re in the dark ages, but also offers quick insights into how we can scale our efforts. He also interviews five marketing leaders to get their input on the five biggest challenges marketers face:

  • Leadership
  • Planning
  • Personas
  • Content Management
  • Content ROI

Whether or not you read the eBook, you can’t miss this webinar: Shedding Light on B2B Marketing Darkness. We’re going to be sitting down with Barry himself, along with the thought-leaders featured in the book, to gain additional insights and expertise into these main challenges.

Save your seat today for our roundtable webinar, Shedding Light on B2B Marketing Darkness, on Tuesday, February 21, 2017, at 1 pm ET. 

Laura Schwecherl

About Laura Schwecherl

Laura Schwecherl is a Content Marketing Manager at Kapost, where she writes engaging and informative content for fellow marketers. When not at her desk, she’s either trail running, hiking, or eating tacos.

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  • While some B2B marketers are still stuck in the dark ages, a bygone era of marketing, there are a few Digital Polymaths that have been blazing new trails for some time. My point: once you free yourself from the limitations of legacy mass-media thinking, you’ll find illumination is abundant.