The process of building a content operation comes with a slew of challenges. Add in eight campaign teams stationed around the world, and the levels of complexity multiply.

There are many moving pieces involved in planning, executing, distributing, and optimizing marketing initiatives and the content supporting, and managing all of them can feel near-impossible. Chaos ensues. No one has visibility into larger company initiatives or goals, and ad-hoc content creation leads to disjointed customer experiences. Also, without effectively coordinating people and processes, too much time gets spent trying to understand the status of campaigns or managing tools, leaving little time to actually execute.

This was the case at Hach, and along with her team, Becky Bradberry, Global Digital Systems Architect and Project Manager, was tasked with solving this corporate conundrum.

How did she and her team bring a global marketing team together around the same goals and processes, and replicate what worked across regions and business units?

Watch Becky’s full presentation here, delivered at Marketo Summit 2016. Her slides from that presentation are also embedded below.

But in case you’re short of time, here are the five steps Becky and her team implemented to take content global, and the incredible success they saw as a result.

1. Get Integrated Technologies in Place

In this case, Becky and her team chose Kapost, Marketo, SFDC, and Cloudwords to create their marketing tech stack. Each of these technologies support full-funnel marketing and content management, distribution, and analytics. Also, they all “play nicely,” meaning, they intgerate to allow for seamless execution.

2. Establish a Strong Team

To make sure your content engine is churning efficiently and effectively, you have to have the right people on board – and they must be committed to collaboration. On top of that, have a clear process in place for implementing the new processes and technologies you’re bringing on board, as well as clear roles and responsibilities for each team and team member.

3. Collaborate on Global Business Processes & Establish Buy-In

A key aspect of Hach’s operation is process. During her presentation, she describes the need for creating visual representations of the processes you and your team are establishing. Not only will it help you simplify the way you explain your strategy, but it allows other key stakeholders and team members to grasp the new shifst in operations and the role they’ll need to play.

4. Centralize Production of Content

Get all your content, and the way content is produced, in a single repository. Instead of fishing through emails and spreasdsheets, organizing content in one location allows for better visibility, findability, and efficiency throughout the content process.

5. Streamline Localization

As explained, processes are crucial to success in a content operation—especially when you’re repurposing content and campaigns globally. Defining and streamlining localization will allow your team to quickly and collaboratively execute on strategies that work, scaling them globally.

6. Track the Analytics that Matter

To be truly successful, you need to know how your content operation is performing for the organization, and you need to have the right systems in place to track the right information to help you optimize and improve after every initiative. Plan your metrics upfront, then set benchmarks and goals as your access to and understanding of data increases.

Let’s Talk Numbers

What are the results of an integrated content operation like HACH’s?

  • 9X lift in email production
  • 93% on-time delivery rate
  • 1/2 the time spent on metrics and analytics tracking
  • Increased US revenue from leads by 95%

Check out Becky’s deck below, or watch her walk through these steps on stage at Marketo Summit 2016.

Anne Murphy

About Anne Murphy

Anne Murphy is the former Director of Content at Kapost, makers of content marketing software. She oversaw the Content Marketeer, a marketing blog dedicated to the art and science of content creation. Follow her at @amurphias.