I think we can all agree—2016 has been an interesting year.

We watched as the world navigated the #Brexit situation while battling in our local gyms for the hottest Pokémon. We marveled at the latest advancements in surgical implants made from 3D-printed titanium and then reacted to the US election this past November.

There have been highlights and lowlights this year, but unless you have been living under a rock, many of these major events would have been hard to miss.

Forget the Chaos. Let’s Celebrate World-Class Marketers

With all the madness of 2016, we think now is a good time to celebrate some major wins. Because alongside a constantly changing global environment, B2B marketers have had to navigate increasing complexity. From ABM to predictive analytics to the resurgence of print marketing, marketing teams have risen to the challenge and chaos of the digital age, delivering some pretty incredible content and integrated campaigns.

So, as 2016 comes to a close, teams are busy measuring results based on pre-defined success metrics. Everyone loves to celebrate their success from the last year. So give yourself a pat on the back for moving the needle—no matter how big or small.

The Best of the Best

Just as we’ve done for the past four years, we’ve pulled together this year’s Kapost 50, a list of best-in-class B2B marketing teams. Each team was chosen based on not only executing incredible content but also finding a way to navigate content chaos using cross-team alignment and integration. These brands have aligned their teams, executed and distributed top-notch content and have produced amazing results.

So as you look towards 2017 and start your planning, take a look at these 50 brands who got it right in 2016. See their successes, celebrate their wins, and join us as we congratulate them! Who knows, maybe next year will be your year for the Kapost Top 50!

Explore the best of marketing in 2016.

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