Content is critical for B2B marketing success. That’s nothing new.

Planning, creating, distributing, and analyzing all this content is a big challenge that is only getting bigger. That’s also nothing new.

Technology and business are inextricably tied, but is a content marketing platform the key to tackling this challenge?

Caroline Robertson, VP and B2B Marketing Research Director at Forrester alongside KC Hill, VP of Marketing at Kapost held an hour-long webinar to take a first look at Forrester’s latest research on B2B content marketing platforms and why they are the agile collaboration engine of B2B marketing content.

Caroline and KC discussed:

  • Forrester’s latest report on B2B content marketing platforms (CMPs)
  • The role of technology and CMPs in building a customer-centric marketing strategy
  • The current and future challenges of building a successful content marketing operation
  • Selecting the right content marketing platform for your organization

Sounds pretty great, right? Check it out for yourself! It’s available on-demand¬†here.

Paralee Walls

About Paralee Walls

Paralee Walls is the Director of Content Marketing at Kapost. When she's not researching, developing, or writing about the next greatest content strategy, she's hiking or snowboarding in the Rocky Mountains with her trusty goldendoodle, Albus.