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How to Build an Oscar Worthy Content Team

By February 25, 2013 No Comments

Oh, the Oscars.

Image Source: USA Today

Image Source: USA Today

Last night, we witnessed posh gowns and slick tuxedos, awkward jokes and on-stage blunders, tears of joy and glares of disapproval. While the drama is endless and the glamour intoxicating, for we word-nerds, there’s nothing like the speeches. Here, we catch glimpses–however carefully rehearsed–of the people behind the role. But from Hollywood egos to humble acceptances, nervous lines to poised presentations, short thanks to the Jaws theme song swallowing final words, each winner–every single one–had something in common.

They thanked the team that got them to that stage, that made it happen.

Like any profession, success is owed to the organized, motivated people who play their parts spectacularly in service of the bigger picture. And like casting the most qualified actor, finding the right screenwriter, or knowing which director can make a story shine, each carefully filled role is a crucial element to realizing the full potential of an organization.

The same rules apply for modern marketing departments taking on content marketing. To face the challenge, to engage and entertain your audience, you first need a solid team.

Increasingly, marketing departments are beginning to resemble publishing houses to meet the demands of producing top-quality content reliably to move buyers through the funnel. New roles and positions are popping up every day. Titles like Chief Content Officer and Managing Editor have become common, and marketing executives are rushing to hire journalists and writers who excel at creating polished and informative content–quickly.

The organizations succeeding at content marketing all have something in common: an organized, efficient and carefully crafted team.

Not only do you need the right people on your team, you also need clearly defined roles for each team member. As of yet, improv won’t win you an Oscar. You need a script, a foundation, a strategy. Who’s in charge of planning and strategy for your content?  Who’s going to actually create all those ebooks, blog posts, infographics and webinars?  When should content be handled internally and when should you outsource?

Recently, we asked top content marketers from companies such as DocuSign and the Content Marketing Institute to share their insights and experiences on building a content marketing team worthy of a golden statue of a naked man.

Here are just a few of their suggestions:

  • Pair internal thought leaders with external freelancer writers
  • Hire journalists, writers and publishers to create and package customer-grade content
  • Leverage the skills and insights of everyone in your marketing department, and beyond

Watch the full video (unfortunately, not nominated for anything this year) below:

You can read more about building a team and organizing your content marketing strategy in this content marketing e-comic book, or by checking out this presentation from Content Marketing Bootcamp, which gives a great overview of the structure of a team.

So for all of you content marketing hopefuls out there: write the script for your content marketing success, identify the crucial roles, and cast the right people. If you get stuck, you can always revisit the the pros above who have seen success in their organizations.

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