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The Week in Content Marketing: Hiring Freelance Writers, 4 Steps to a Bigger Budget, and More

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The 4 Justifications Your Boss Needs to Hear to Pay for More Content Marketing: These four steps create a viable proposal for the inclusion of content in your budget and marketing plans—from ROI to awareness and acquisition. Via Social Fresh

How to Hire a Freelance Writer for Content Marketing: Source, interview, and hire strong freelance writers for your content marketing program. Via Reputation Capital

Content: Marketing’s Best Hope, or More Hype? Matt Creamer surveys the landscape for answers to questions about content marketing’s long-term potential and how some brands are winning (and losing) the online publishing game. Via AdAge

Content Marketing and Brand Journalism at Boeing: David Meerman Scott looks at Boeing’s branded content, highlighting the company’s storytelling abilities and video efforts. Via Web Ink Now

Content Marketing Today: An All-Hands Enterprise: How to turn your content marketing framework into a business strategy. Via Marketing Land

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